Law of Attraction Healing Diseases – Even Cancer?

Law of Attraction Healing Diseases - Even Cancer?

Can the law of attraction be used to heal cancer or is this delusion?

Dr. Albert Schweitzer’s famous quote about the “inner doctor” gives validity to the power of the mind over the body:

“Each patient carries his own doctor inside him. We are at our best when we give the doctor who resides within a chance to go to work.”  Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Prize Winner

The Placebo Effect

You have heard the term Placebo Effect. This is where test subjects are divided into two groups. One group gets the new medication that is being tested. While the other group is administered what amounts to sugar pills. Miraculously, up to 80% of the subjects in the placebo group experience healing. In one famous study bald men actually grew hair!

But these results pale when compared to the Spontaneous Remission Study conducted by the Institute of Noetic Sciences in 1993.

In this work, the authors, Caryle Hirshberg, and the late Brendan O’Regan defined spontaneous remission as “the disappearance, complete or incomplete, of a disease or cancer without medical treatment or treatment that is considered inadequate to produce the resulting disappearance of disease symptoms or tumor.”

Because there was no standard reference for the field of spontaneous remission before that time, the Remission Project cataloged the world’s medical literature on the subject and the resulting book was the largest database of medically reported cases of spontaneous remission in the world, with more than 3,500 references from more than 800 journals in 20 different languages.

That’s right, more than 3,500 patients experienced healing; the disappearance, complete or incomplete, of a disease or cancer without medical treatment…”

So what is going on here?

A leading researcher, Dr. Lissa Rankin, traditionally trained medical doctor, discovered that the health care she had been taught to practice was missing something crucial: a recognition of the body’s innate ability to self-repair and an appreciation for how we can control these self-healing mechanisms with the power of the mind. She explored peer-reviewed medical literature and found evidence that the medical establishment had been proving that the body can heal itself for over 50 years. Using extraordinary cases of spontaneous healing

The Law of Attraction, once thought of as “woo-woo” nonsense, is undergoing a major renaissance and people are beginning to “believe”!

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