There Is Lack of Expertise and Passion for Hospitality In Nigeria- Marilyn Esuabana

There Is Lack of Expertise and Passion for Hospitality In Nigeria- Marilyn Esuabana

De Edge Hotel is a 4-star Hotel located in the beautiful city of Port Harcourt. The Hotel houses spacious rooms and each is fitted with a TV and en-suite bathrooms. Also in the rooms are in-room tea and coffee making facility and digital safe. To tell us about De Edge Hotel, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, had a chat with Marilyn Esuabana, the Assitant Sales and Marketing Manager of the hotel. She shared the hotel amenities that are important to guests and more. Enjoy!

What are your predictions on the trends to expect in 2018 for the hospitality business?

Improved technology and digital marketing, cost-cutting, Online Reputation Management and Influencer marketing (ex: a celebrity stays at your property, takes photos there, posts them on social media and tags your hotel. This advertises us to his/her followers).

From your own personal experience, how would you describe the ideal customer service experience in the Nigerian hospitality industry?

I would say Erratic because, in some places it’s good, and in some places it’s bad. In Nigeria, there is a huge lack of expertise and passion for hospitality. People just build hotels for economic reasons. The hotels that ensure their staff undergo proper training in the values of the industry always end up with a workforce that knows the importance of customer service in the hospitality industry and how much power the customer has in making or marring the property’s reputation. In Summary, a lot has to be invested in personnel training.

In an ascending order, what hotel amenities are important to lodgers?

Free Internet, Bathroom amenities (Clean Towels, toiletries), Security, Round-the-clock Room service, Air Conditioning, Tea/Coffee Amenities, Bar and Swimming Pool

What are the top 3 challenges faced by hotels in the Nigerian hospitality industry in 2017?

Competition as new hotels are emerging every day,  poor Energy/Power supply in the country and Poor Customer service.

We are in the festive season and customers expect some kind of offers/deals. What are some of the Christmas or festive packages you have for them?

We have special room rates inclusive of Breakfast & Dinner from the 15th of December 2017 – 15th of January 2018. Classic room-Single Occupancy-26,000 while Double Occupancy is 33,000.

For those looking to work in the hospitality sector in Nigeria, what will you say to them? 

Only do it if you have the passion for it. The hospitality industry is one that needs passionate and committed persons, not just being there for the money.

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