Why Senator Kwankwaso Had to Defect from APC to PDP

Why Senator Kwankwaso Had to Defect from APC to PDP

By Mustapha Adamu Indabawa

Findings have revealed that human being is bias by nature, thus we can’t be totally free from the shackles of subjectivity in our views, but it is moral, ideal and commendable if a man chooses to be unbias and objective to a significant extent in his views, however kindly be objective in your contributions as we delve into the subject matter.

As people are reacting to the defection of politicians from APC to PDP, I begin to look into some people’s manner of reactions and this instigated me to pen down some things, fast forward, I won’t justify the defection of all the decampees but that of Kwankwaso because I have got a grasp of what transpired and informed his defection.

To start with, In 2015 Kwankwaso oversaw the deliverance of over 1.9M votes for Buhari/APC, the largest votes recorded in 2015 election and probably in the history of Nigeria. And he also delivered Ganduje, one who was his deputy for two terms, Kwankwanso also clinched his own senatorial seat, that development was a sagacious one, thus Kwankwaso left Kano for Abuja as Senator representing Kano Central, Kwankwaso was from PDP and his political prowess has always been a top notch, the man with the red cap, no doubt added flavours to the soup of APC as his contributions speak volumes.

After the election, upon the emergence of Buhari as the President, everything began to be rosy as he emerged as the most popular candidate for the  job.
After a little while, Kwankwaso and his former deputy began to grow frosty relationships such that Kwankwaso couldn’t go to Kano, to forestall the issues from escalating he defied going to Kano so that going there won’t brew uproar, he only visited Kano once since 2015 that he handed over power to Ganduje to empathize with Ganduje when he lost his mother. After that Kwankwaso moved to visit Kano and his constituents sometime in January 2018, that move was fiercely frustrated and hampered by the State and State apparatus despite huge preparations to that effect and announcements aired on media, many stakeholders including the presidency admonished Kwankwaso to stay back in the interest of security, which the gentle man heeded to, and he remained calm but watchful, but to the dismay of political analysts and observers, the issue was not properly ameliorated.    To put it straight, the person in best position to broker peace between Kwankwaso and Ganduje is no other person than Mr President, because one can rightly guess that Ganduje’s frosty relationship with Kwankwaso was greatly influenced by his loyalty to Mr president to take charge to deliver Kano for Mr president in coming elections, Mr president as a Father and a Party leader would have averted the escalation of the loggerheads between Kwankwaso and Ganduje by calling both parties to order in the interest of the party, the duo could have easily sheathed their swords, and severe consequences wouldn’t have let loose.

As if the disagreement wasn’t enough, APC party structure was also completely hijacked from Kwankwaso, this manifested in the APC National convention as Kwankwaso couldn’t boast of a being a part of decision making mechanism of bringing the delegates on board. It was clearly written on the wall that Kwankwaso was no longer wanted or regarded in the party he was a key to floating.It was simply a case of biting the fingers that fed one. Kwankwaso has obviously been harbouring political heat and being uncomfortable in the party that he helped in making and not the party that made him,but he remained so calm and never made unguarded statements capable of heating up the polity.

In my humble and sincere opinion, Kwankwaso’s defection to where he came from is not incongruous as where he sought to serve his people was no longer comfortable for him and his principles, I would like to borrow a leaf from many quotes of Winston Churchill which goes thus “Some men change party for the sake of their principles, others change their principles for the sake of their party”. In this case, it is crystal clear that Kwankwaso changed his party in the interest of his principles, however his principles and ideology have always been masses and results oriented. He took ample time to defect from APC to PDP because it has always been his concern to take a recourse to the opinions and aspirations of his associates, followers, and enthusiasts. I think Kwankwaso has taken his decision in the best interest of his people.

Now, let me ask you, If you were in Kwankwaso’s shoes, would you continue to stay in a party where several untold treatments were meted on you? Would you remain in a party that her unconscious and conscious actions and inactions were capable of devastating your political career? Would you stay in a party where you were conspicuously not given your rightful seat and rights? Don’t forget the words the of the APC chairman Adams Oshiomole, who came in so late to resolve issues saying, Kwankwaso is a man of honour, dignity and integrity and that APC didn’t make Kwankwaso, Kwankwaso helped in making APC. Without mincing words, I think it was uncharitable to drag the personality of a man who helped in making APC in the mud, I think Kwankwaso acted as a man of honour by not engaging the party stalwarts in any battle but rather took a bow and left. May be his polite political battle with them is scheduled for 2019 when the rewards of each and everyone shall be laced on people’s return votes for them in 2019.

I can’t but wish Distinguished Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso victory in his future political endeavours, I understand your inconveniences and ordeals in APC, may your path be guided.

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