What you Should Know about Online and Traditional Education

What you Should Know about Online and Traditional Education

It is a fact that education helps one to learn basic life skills and prepares you to be a worthy individual and it has an important role in human life. Education is with an ultimate power and capability to lead humanity towards development and reduce poverty. Now, most of the developing countries are giving importance to education because of its ability to change and uplift societies. In general, education is a process of acquiring knowledge through different sources of knowledge.From a different angle of view, education helps individuals to gain mastery over different skills, and it is not only the knowledge that can be acquired from text books, but also an attempt to learn how to lead a worthy life. According to some people, money is the most important factor behind success and prosperity in life. They acquire knowledge to gain money. But the real thing is that, education is also the study about life. Traditionally, we acquire knowledge from educational institutions. But now, there are many ways to learn things. We do not need to attend classes, and can learn things online. There is no need to attend the schools or colleges. But there are pros and cons in every type of education. The comparison between online and traditional modes of education can help one to have deeper understanding on the same.

Online education

Nowadays, acquiring knowledge through online is considered as a common phenomenon. This sort of education, especially online education, became popular in recent years because of convenience. The great benefit of online education is flexibility. It helps people who are already indulged in family matters or job. Online classes can be easily molded according to the learner’s schedules. Different options within online courses help people to learn after working hours, but the only problem faced by the learners is that face to face interaction and real time interaction are limited within online education. Online classes provide the learner with certain tasks to be completed according his or her time convenience. Some online courses offer recorded videos in the same manner that is done in traditional classroom. These videos will help the students to make notes by pausing the video. Online education allows the students to acquire knowledge from their own place, and the same is cost effective than traditional classes.

Traditional education

The tradition education suits for the student who have freer schedule. The traditional classes also offer flexibility in the form of night classes for the students who engage in other works. The only negative matter in this case is time loss due to travelling. In traditional classes the physical presence is important. Traditional education has an advantage of face-to-face communication. It helps the students to acquire knowledge with ease because teachers can easily identify the problems faced by students within classroom environment. Students in traditional education have the chance to remind upcoming assignments and seek help of teachers to complete time consuming assignments. Traditional education is useful for the person who likes face-to-face communication and it also helps to perform a live interactive session. Traditional learning is also apt for younger students who are in need of proper guidance from teachers.  It also suits students who have limited resources like computer and the Internet.  Students who prefer traditional class will get the opportunity for extracurricular activities from the college itself. It helps the students to enhance their mental strength. So, it is evident that traditional and modern modes of education have several pros and cons, but it is better to consider modern education as the improvised form of traditional method of education.

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