What you should know about this new ‘Disease’ – Money Hoarding Disorder

What you should know about this new ‘Disease’ – Money Hoarding Disorder

By Aroms Aigbehi

If you see someone living like the picture below would you say it is normal? It is not. It is mental disorder called Hoarding disorder. It is a pattern of behaviour that is characterized by excessive acquisition and an inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects that cover the living areas of the home and cause significant distress or impairment.

But, why do people think when you hoard money it is normal. It is not just greed, it is a mental disorder. We called it greed due to lack of other words or understanding to qualify what is happening.

Africans leaders or aspiring leaders are hoarders. They hoard money. So, let’s call it Money Hoarding Disorder, Although, this term is not scientific; I will stick with it for now. Why else would someone steal and steal so much money they cannot use in their lifetime? They must be sick.

This is the reason one person would have 80 houses bought with stolen public money and he or she doesn’t see anything wrong with it and is still ready to steal more. Hoarders don’t stop by themselves until they get stopped.

Hoarders display symptoms of delusional disorder in that they have a belief system out of touch with reality. Many hoarders lack insight regarding the extent of deterioration of their habitation and tend not to recognize that anything is wrong. This is why politicians will have billions and drive a Rolls Royce on a bad road with potholes and be very pleased. Delusional disorder is an effective model in that it explains hoarders’ apparent blindness to the realities of their situations.

I am not sure yet if you can inherit this.

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