See the kitchen Tools you Need to do Proper Baking

See the kitchen Tools you Need to do Proper Baking

By Raliya Ahmed Saminaka

Baking is a form of The that requires its own skill set and tools. Let us look at the major ones you need if you are going to do some proper baking that leaves family and friends wanting more.

1. Oven

I don’t have to mention that an oven is essential for baking. You can make some desserts without oven such as chocolates and confections, but you definitely need an oven either it is regular or mini size for baking. The thing about oven is that ovens don’t work the same way even if they are same brand, so you have to get to know your own oven by experimenting, remembering, and adjusting it as you bake.

2. Timer

Most people have a timer in their kitchen as it either comes with an oven or microwave. You don’t have to have a separate timer. If you have one in your house already, that is one less thing for you to buy.

3. Measuring Spoons

Measuring spoons are used for both dry and wet ingredients. They usually include 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, 1/2, teaspoon, and 1/4 teaspoon. Many stores sell measuring spoons with 1/8 teaspoon these days. If you are
buying a new set now, I recommend you to buy the one with 1/8 teaspoon because it is useful when you make a small batch, but it is certainly not necessary to go out and buy if you have measuring spoons already.

4. Measuring Cups

Measuring cups are usually used for measuring ingredients such as flour, cocoa powder, sugar, or nuts;
however, they are also used for measuring wet ingredients. A standard measuring cups set comes with 1/4-, 1/3-, 1/2-, and 1-cup measures. Overfill the cup with dry ingredients and level the cup using a knife.

5. Graduated Measuring Cup

Graduated measuring cups are used to measure liquid and pourable ingredients. They are marked with lines to show amounts. You can have either glass or plastic measures in 1-,2-, and 4-cup capacities. Over years,
I’ve found it is really convenient to have both 1-cup measure and 2-cup measure. But, I recommend to get a glass 2-cup measure if you are getting only one.

6. Whisk

A whisk is a non-electronic hand mixer. When you are not yet ready to buy a hand mixer or stand mixer, this is what you need. It is very time-consuming, but it will perform baking tasks like whipping, creaming, and mixing. You will be amazed that you can even make meringue with a whisk although I do not recommend you to do that. =] It is good to have different size whisks because you will use in many different ways. Also, a smaller whisk performs better than a bigger whisk.

7. Sifter

A sifter is used to sift flour or combine dry ingredients. Sifters usually have a crank that pushes ingredients through the mesh, but sieves work very well as much as sifters. If you have regular sieves that you use for cooking, you don’t need to buy a sifter for baking purpose.

8. Cooling Rack

Cooling racks are used to cool cakes or cookies after taking them out of the oven. There are so many different types and shapes of cooling racks, so whatever you have or whatever you can buy will work just fine.

9. Rubber Spatula

You will find many different lengths and widths rubber spatulas in stores. A wide head spatula is good for stirring and folding batters and a narrow head spatula is useful for scraping foods from jars or bowls. It is good to have one of each size. I recommend you to buy spatulas with silicone heads if you are purchasing one as it can withstand temperatures up to 600F.

10. Metal Spatula

Metal spatulas are also known as icing (decorating) spatulas. You will use them to spread batters, decorate cakes, or applying frosting and filling. They are available in many different sizes and flat or offset (angled).

11. Pastry Brush

Pastry brushes are useful when you apply egg wash, moisturize cakes with syrups, or brush loose crumbs
from cake tops. They are made with soft nylon, unbleached hog bristles, or silicone (on the photo). It’s good
to have one of each kinds, but I would recommend silicone one if you can only choose one because it is easier to maintain.

12. Bowls

Bowls come in so many different shapes, sizes, and materials (plastic, glass, silicone, or stainless steel). Most
of you already have some kinds of bowls in your kitchen, so you probably don’t have to go buy new ones. It’s good to have a couple of bowls made of different materials, so you can use based one the type of sweets you are making. If I have to pick just one, I would recommend stainless steel bowls because they are light enough to move around and strong enough to take rough mixing motions

13. Baking Sheet

Baking sheets are essential on baking cookies. You can get a standard cookie sheet that has edges without
sides to make it easier to slide into the oven. However, I would first get jelly roll pans because they can be
used for both of baking cookies and sponge cakes. I personally recommend heavy aluminum baking pans. They will not get rust and last lifetime with a proper care. We all know that some of non stick pans are not really NON-STICK.

14. Baking Pan

Cake pans are also available in many different materials such as steel, aluminum, non-stick coating, glass, or silicone.If you are planning to make a cake for someone’s birthday, BBQ party, or anything, it is definitely worth to have round cake pans.

15. Electric Mixer

When making the cake, beat your butter and sugar until fluffy, then use a lower speed when adding your dry ingredients. You’ll probably need a mixer to make your frosting, too.

16. Toothpick

If you’re planning to write on the cake, trace the letters in the frosting first with a toothpick to avoid messy piping mistakes. You can also use the toothpick when baking to test if your cakes are ready to come out of the oven.

17. Paring Knife

Have a sharp paring knife on hand to slice edible decorations such as fruit and candy to the desired size.

18. Turntable or Lazy Susan

Cakes and turntables are inseparable. To decorate a cake without a turntable is frustrating and almost impossible. You will use a turntable to torte, fill, crumb coat and decorate your cake.

There you have it, all you need to start baking properly outside of the actual ingredients.

Raliya is a talented food, health and wellness enthusiast, you can contact her via +2348020625989

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