Killer Appliances you can’t do Away with

Killer Appliances you can’t do Away with

By Samuel M. Chinwe

Today, we are experiencing high improvement in almost all aspects of life with advancements in technology. With our world going wireless most of our wireless machines emit electromagnetic radiations lighter than X-ray capable of passing through surfaces like concrete and as for the human body this tends to alter our own body electrics. Staying in an electromagnetic field for a long period of time  could lead to electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) such as chronic fatigue, brain cancer, asthma, stress birth defects, weak immune system and lot more. Check out appliances in our homes that can cause this.

Cordless phones

This device runs mostly on radio wave and being one of the device we come in close contact mostly every day, although stopping to use this might not be in your agenda but a couple of studies have found that keeping your smartphone in your pocket on one side may modestly accelerate hip bone loss on that side. Compared to people without mobile phones, mobile phone users had a lesser bone mineral content and bone density in the right trochanter (part of the femur), this is not also good on the system of young ones or the reproductive organs in the case of sperm production.


Computers discharge both low-frequency and radio-frequency EMR which are both harmful to our body system which have the power supply generating a constant EMF and the disk drive also discharging whenever it processes data, in other words it emits each time you are on it. Making your use of it short is advisable, let’s say 10 hours of operation having a break for every 2hours.

Wireless Doorbell

Considering the fact that this is a wireless connection, EMF finds its way into you house so using a wired type could be a good idea or even using a doorknocker which sometimes could even be loud enough from the outside as a step to reduce the flow of EMF in the house.

Hair drier

The ladies tends to use this device the most and it reduces their time of waiting on an average room temperature or under the sun which they are obviously happy with making it less inevitable in our time but we should have it in our minds that just like every other grooming device, this also discharges its own EMF so staying under it with such a close range isn’t a good idea, why not dry the hair with nature up to 75% off, then use your machine to round off.

Hair shaver

This grooming machine is just so much appreciated by the men but alongside with the hair drier  can create very high (20-200 milligauss) magnetic fields at their normal operating distance. By comparison, EMF strengths as low as 2 milligauss are thought to increase the risk of leukemia and cancer in allergic people.

Electric blanket

Most people would love to sleep under an electric blanket just to stay warm all night taking a thumbs up of comfort if the night is a cold one, but come to think about how may milligauss of EMF one would be absorbing in one night of 8 hours placing you under a high health risk. So, try warm up your bed first before going to bed. Mind you, other heating appliances do emit like the microwave.

Gaming equipment

Kids would always love this one disregarding its health risk, and talking about the body system of the young ones every single part of their body is thinner and lighter making it easier for electromagnetic radiation (EMR) to react with their body system causing them damages gradually if not put in check.


We can’t stop the usage of this in our home as it increases the life span of our food but this too will not skip emitting EMR, this usually have its emitting spot at the back and underneath it. Sitting or sleeping close to it is a NO! NO!

In conclusion, most of the above mentioned devices are now becoming part of our daily lives, from our work to home across entertainment and even life style. Turning off most home appliances when not in use or giving a good distance from them is a welcome idea. Possessing only necessary ones also to avoid bombarding the home with high frequency of Electromotive force (EMF) especially when in a limited space. A friend suggested going to an electronic store with an EMF meter to test products emission strength before buying one.



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