Is Kenyan P.L.O. Lumumba Africa’s Greatest Living Orator?

Is Kenyan P.L.O. Lumumba Africa’s Greatest Living Orator?


I first came across the name of this Kenyan Professor about two years ago, when Nigerian media reported his speech in Abuja on the invitation of the National Assembly, to discuss, inronically role of legislature in curbing corruption in Africa. I didn’t really pay much attention to him then.

Then today, while literally tumbling on my chair watching a Nigerian entertainer called Patrick Obahiagbon, Youtube suggested some videos of the speeches of the Kenyan professor. I clicked on them and was speel-bound. I spent the rest of the evening watching the videos of his speeches and reading him.

I think the man is the greatest living orator in Africa. His speeches, usually unscripted, are not only deep, his mastery and usage of English language is on another level.

I have not really been sold to pan-Africanism but his speeches gave me serious rethink. His knowledge of the history and contemporary politics of different parts of Africa is wowing. In one of his extemporaneous speeches, he was even quoting Muslim hadith and Christian parables. Not many African scholars do that.

And I had not listened to 3 of his speeches before knowing he is a great fan of Nigerian literary genius, Chinua Achebe, as he fondly referenced his literature in almost every speech he makes.

I think this guy is the greatest living orator from Africa. If you know anyone that can speak than this man, please let me know


Some of his speeches:




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