Kano Election: As the Lion Roars Again

Kano Election: As the Lion Roars Again

By Sani Abdulrazak

The great people of Kano state will go to the polls on Saturday 23rd March 2019, to conclude the inconclusive governorship election of 9th March 2019 in some parts of the state, it is with great admiration I have followed and read about the situation report. As expected, the country will be keenly watching and observing as events unfold.

To begin with, Kano being the most populous state, having the second highest number of registered voters in the country and also one of the models of peaceful election is unarguably the heart of Nigerian politics. Considering how enlightened ”Kanawa” are at voting the candidates of their choice across party lines, any party or individual seeking power at the centre needs Kano as much as human beings need oxygen. With the ”Buhari factor” now out of place, it is therefore no surprise that the politics of 2023 at the centre has unofficially kicked off in Kano. Political calculations have it that whoever has Kano holds the aces in 2023.

Expectedly, never has the ephemerality of politics been more apparent in the country today than in Kano. The state is pervaded by a miasma of tense and volatile atmosphere arising from bitter rivalry between the two power camps (Kwankwasiyya and Gandujiyya). The ripple effect of this has led to the destruction of lives and properties.

My kind appeal to these ”Power camps” is to note that the conduct of this re-run election in a peaceful, free and fair manner is a victory for both of them. They will be writing their names in the sands of time by ensuring that their personal ambition or feud as the case may be is not worth the blood of a single ”Bakano”. Let the atmosphere be conducive enough for people to exercise their franchise. The security agencies should ensure and protect the safety of voters.

I therefore urge the good people of Kano to not only come out and vote, but to ensure that those votes count. It is indeed an act of bravery synonymous to ”Kanawa” to come out against any form of threat, intimidation and/or violence to cast their vote. It is reason we are moving forward because value always honors who reward it.

There will always be people who believe Kano politics is to Nigerian politics what Roger Federer is to tennis. There will also always be people who will debate that, but the fact still remains that Kano is the lion and will roar again come Saturday.

Sani Abdulrazak can be reached via sazzak175@gmail.com


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