Top Interesting Facts about the Newly-Elected French President, Emmanuel Macron

Top Interesting Facts about the Newly-Elected French President, Emmanuel Macron

By Tijani Mustapha Adedeji

On May 7, 2017, history was made in France: Emmanuel Macron, 39, won the presidential election and is set to become the youngest president in French history. Born December 21, 1977, in Amiens, Macron formerly worked in the Ministry of Economy of France as an inspector of finances. After terminating his service to the government in 2008, he moved ahead to work as an investment banker. Explained below are some interesting facts about the new president-elect of France, who succeeds outgoing president Francois Hollande.

One of World’s Youngest Presidents and Leaders

Macron, who will be sworn in on May 14, 2017, won at the polls at the ripe age of 39, making him the youngest president in French history. He will be the latest addition to the list of world’s youngest leaders and presidents.

Currently, the politician that tops this list is San Marino’s Regent Captain Vanessa D’Ambrosio, who took over the reins of power this year at the prime age of 29. Other young presidents and leaders in this ranking is North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, 34, Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamid Al Thani, 36, and Kingdom of Bhutan’s Jigme Wangchuck, also 36.

His Wife Is 24 Years Older  

Astonishingly, the French leader married Brigitte Trogneux, whose age is 24 years more than his. Even as a teen of 15, Macron made no bone to be involved in an affair with Brigitte, who was his teacher then and 39. The two love birds became a couple officially two years later, when Macron became 17.

Terminating a Government Contract with a Huge Sum

While this may not be a strange occurrence in a First World country like France; paying any sum of money — whether substantial or small — by a public office holder to the government for contract termination, is quite alien to most Third World countries, especially African countries. Obviously, Emmanuel Macron is an advocate of this notion; with a huge sum of €50,000, he bought himself out of a government contract in 2008. He resigned from this position to work as an investment banker at Rothschild & Cie Banque, a bank in France.

A Victim of Massive Hack

During the build-up to the French presidential election, there was a report that a humongous amount of data had been posted to a document-sharing site, Pastebin. The event took place on May 5, 2017, just two days before the election, and was a huge coordinated hack. In recent times, Donald Trump, the American President, also accused his predecessor Barrack Obama of wire-tapping his phone when the US presidential election was on the horizon; though the former could not offer any evidence to substantiate the claim.

In a Nutshell

Emmanuel Macron is set to replace Francois Hollande in the Élysée Palace on Sunday. He won at the polls without a traditional party and is also a greenhorn in governance. This feat has opened a new chapter in the history of France, in governance.


Tijani M. Adedeji is a freelance writer and Physics graduate from the University of Ibadan. A passionate writer, he is a keen follower of developments around the world on a number of issues ranging from science, history, politics, among others. Deji enjoys playing football and meeting people.


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