Important Lessons Nigerians Should Learn from President Trump’s Inauguration

Important Lessons Nigerians Should Learn from President Trump’s Inauguration

By Ify

Everyday we watch how people do things in other countries and I am hoping that our Nigerian leaders watched how “precision” played out during Donald Trump’s inauguration!

Did you notice that Trump’s “so help me God” came out at exactly noon?

Did you notice how the “dignitaries” found their ways to the sits reserved for them?

Did you notice no one was carrying any one’s bag? Clinton was holding on to her bag just like everyone else!

Did you notice that no aide was running around with shower caps, raincoats and umbrellas when it started to drizzle?

Did you notice they were not squeezing people because some overzealous aides want to “protect” their ogas?

Did you notice that only 4 umbrellas came out for Presidents Obama Trump and 1st ladies  Michelle and Melania and watch … the 2 first ladies held it themselves.

Did you notice there was no long story during the prayer session…they were not casting and binding … or asking people to fall and die!🤐

Did you see how short the oath of allegiance or office was for the VP and Mr. President?😮

Did you notice how simple the 1st Lady looked?🤑

Now talk about the President’s address…it was short and straight to the point! There were no long recognitions of dignitaries who were there except for the 4 Presidents - Carter, Clinton, Bush and Obama.

Did you notice there was no “ADC” standing behind Trump as he was delivering his address?😀

Did you notice there was no “tum tum” testing the microphone? Did you notice no one was tapping the head of the microphone before speaking into it?

Did you notice he never acknowledged any billionaire in the crowd there?🤔

Did you hear “Your Excellency” former president this, Senator this, Governor this, Honorable this, woman leader this, youth leader this, the leader of our party and blah blah blah.

Notice that Trump didn’t curse out the “A” list actors and musicians who turned down the request to attend the inauguration.

Did you notice no one was on the stage jumping around cracking jokes or a bunch of MCs jostling to recognize one dignitary or the other?

Notice that Trump had no time to waste greeting “dignitaries” all he did was end his address wave a few persons shook hands with Carter and walked! He didn’t have to do “ntoor” to Hilary or Michelle and their husbands!

Did you notice that the 1st Daughter was seen carrying her own child even with her white  pantsuit and there were no aides jostling to carry the “pikin”

Most of all you must have observed that God was given His place yesterday….it was just all about Him!

My take? Nigeria has a lot to learn … we need to find better ways to do things and stop wallowing in mediocrity! May GOD help us!

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