The Importance of Being Thankful to God through Charity

The Importance of Being Thankful to God through Charity

By Emmanuel Chiedu

When I was a little boy, I learnt that every food and offering brought to the alter during thanksgiving belonged to God, and this includes bags of rice, bunches of plantain, and money of which part were coins which was popular back then.

Eventually, I began to wonder how God will eat all of the food and money, so I did something stupid. I took a ladder and climbed the fence of the Reverend Father’s house where the food was always being taken to, I could hardly see God, but I saw a glimpse of a store where the food was being taken into. As I struggled to see further, I feel from the ladder.

Months later, I joined the alter boys association and discovered that the foods and beverages where eaten by the priests. Majority of us as adults know our thanksgivings to God go directly to the priests/pastors, but that does not in any way diminish the fact that they are to God.

How often do give to God? Is it only on Sundays, or monthly during tithes? How often do you give to the needy? Do you know that to give God is to give man?

I can quote tons of Bible verses I am sure you must have heard previously, but choose not to. All you need to know is that by giving we receive. When we give, we move one step forward, God in return gives us 99 more steps through Grace to continue marching on.

Thankfulness is a mental and verbal expression of one’s acknowledgement and appreciation of God’s person, his Grace, Blessing and sovereign work in one’s life and the world.

God’s greatest commandments were to love God and love your neighbour as yourself. Some people feel that only those who are rich should give. But in truth, no one is excluded. Don’t wait till Sunday to give, don’t wait till month end. When you give something and it doesn’t feel like something parted from you then that’s not giving.

Giving can be in church, your neighbours, your co-workers and even to give something to your boss. The word humanity is from the Latin humanitas for “human nature, kindness.” Pope John Paul II said, “Nobody is so poor he has nothing to give, and nobody is so rich he has nothing to receive,” for giving makes us human.

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