The Importance of Stopping the Spread of Fake News

The Importance of Stopping the Spread of Fake News

By Leke Ademola-kay

A couple of months back, fate smiled on me announcing that I’ve had enough. Enough of over-boiled noodles, burnt foods and terribly cooked meal. I said “I do” to my very beloved wife and the world was alright again. If I have to pay her bride price again, I’ll gladly raise it to the power of ten.

Iron sponges no longer have work to do, the days of burnt offering were over. I’ve always had this sentiments that if a wife can’t cook a good meal, her bride price should be halved. I still retain that sentiment. It’s not about being foodie, to me, it’s just logical.

As a bachelor, I had big time struggle with making a good meal. If the salt wasn’t too much, pepper would. Burning food from time to time was a norm. You are not likely to say thank you after eating my meal. You just won’t enjoy it. I took solace in the fact that the meals were for me alone. So taking it like that wasn’t a problem.

Interestingly, I found it hard to accept that I wasn’t a good cook. I’ll argue that the only thing wrong with the food is that the salt is too much, sometimes the accident may be with the pepper. But it was quite a recurring accident. Whereas, what made me a bad cook was the fact that an item was either too much or too little.

A terribly reported event, news or occurrence nauseates just as a terribly cooked meal. One cannot but wonder how people sit and conjure words to suit their purpose in the name of reportage. Individuals hide behind social media to insult people’s intelligence and still exhibit the gut to ask you to pass it on or forward as received. Even many media houses have nothing else to boast of other than their days of old glory. It is that terrible!

We must allow common sense to reign by choosing what to believe and not be a tool for broadcasting crazy things disguised as news, events, facts and records. We all must know and note that every reported event or news has an unreported dimension. The man behind the camera will only show you what he wants you to see.

Most news and reportage are like my pottage, sometimes, the salt is little, sometimes it’s too much. Sometimes, it’s the pepper. Did you read that viral broadcast on Jim Ovia and Sir Shina Peters? The story of how one started a bank with 20million naira and the other decided to build a mansion with the same amount. Well, it was all fallacy! An over salted concoction that only existed in the writer’s imagination.

The worst dimension are those broadcasts, news and reportage laden with tribal sentiments and bigotry. Many wars in time past were stirred by words. A very great percentage of the images and video clips bandied by busybodies about civil unrests in the country are fake. Someone just put together graphic images from other countries depicting them as happenings in Nigeria. That is not our Nigeria!

It takes me down to the acrobatic wriggling of the python down east, the several accounts being bandied and the taking of sides. For or against, the wriggling of the python is not to the beautiful sounds of Bata in the market place nor to the energetic beatings of Udu, Egwe, or Egede drums at the Ofala festival. It’s from the sounds from the drums of words that the python wriggles.

In any case, peace must be restored without further delay with people not being subjected to fear and torments in their day to day affairs. It’s why all drooling and reckless use of words must stop. The prophets of doom, their doom reporters and the doom broadcasters must put an end to their ventures and fashion the potency in their mouth to their limb for worthy deeds.

May God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria and bless the Nigerian people.

Leke Ademola-kay wrote this piece from Lagos, Nigeria.


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