IKEDC Now Sends SMS Alert for Disconnection and Payment

IKEDC Now Sends SMS Alert for Disconnection and Payment

The electricity service provider in Nigeria over the last 40 years has become a source of pain, anger and frustration for Nigerians. The company continually fails to deliver electricity, does not bill accurately for the most part and insists on getting paid.

While there are a few alternative power solutions out there, few can be relied upon at the expense of what used to ECN, NEPA, PHCN and now several “EDCs”.

However, some of the new Electricity Distribution Companies are trying to improve on customer service even if supply of electricity is still epileptic.

Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company also Known as Ikeja Electric now sends its customers notification of their debt and its plan to disconnect them soon. While this might not seem like good news to many people, it does give you the chance to pay your bills before any embarrassing disconnection occurs. Also, you get notified of payment when you pay your bills with a balance of any amount still owed given.

This will also help to curb fraud where some officials of the company or even sometimes the people sent to pay on a customer’s behalf pocket the money and claim to have paid thereby causing argument on whether or not a bill has been settled.

This is the example of the message IKEDC customers now get to avoid disconnection:

Dear Customer,
Our record shows that as at today, you have outstanding bills yet to be paid. We advise that you please settle all outstanding debts to avoid service disruption. Please disregard if payments have been made.

Thank you for allowing us serve you.

Upon payment being made by the customer,  you receive a message like this:

Dear (account number) Your payment of ₦ danger danger for your IE bill was successful. Your outstanding balance is ₦ danger danger Pls pay to avoid service disruption. For enquires call 017000250

Of course,  there may be some other notifications depending on whether you use a prepaid meter or have a credit balance with the company.

We applaud the willingness to communicate more effectively with customers but would also love to have steady electricity supply or what do you say?

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