Igbos are Not the Enemies of President Buhari

Igbos are Not the Enemies of President Buhari

In response to this post,  one of our readers writes:

One of the things I have learnt about journalism is that no story put up by an individual can ever be said to be definitive and true in its entirety.

At best the content of any story is most certainly going to reflect the intent of its author.

While some authors exert their scarce time and resources in portraying a particular section of a country as bad and mischievous; some other persons will be doing same but in sharp opposite to the former.

While we tell the stories of how some perhaps most Igbos are speculating ill messages about the President, efforts should also be made to recall key Igbos that supported and are still supporting President Buhari even before he won the election.

Only by this, we will escape the pitfall of telling a single story.

Let us  detach our minds from sentiments and prejudice that may lead us to telling a single story with a dubious intent because I have also learnt that those who relish in telling the single story may also be victims of a single story.

I’ll like to end by entreating us to please attempt some minimal level decency and objectivity in responding and commenting on this message, at least that is only what differentiates us the “educated” from the unlearned.


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