ICT-Giants Plan to Take Over Nigerian Polity using Youth Issues – Intelicor

ICT-Giants Plan to Take Over Nigerian Polity using Youth Issues – Intelicor

By Ana Stüő

Paris: At the end-of second quarter meeting of Intelicor, the gurus reviewed new documents believed to have been hacked and forwarded to them by hackers in the United States. The document provides details on how ICT-Giants plan to take over Africa’s polity using youth issues, making a switch from women issues of the past. The Youth Empowerment Programs has been currently deployed in Nigeria publicly sold as promotion of ICT – Information and Communication Technology.

The ICT-Internet Giants led by American multi-billionaires hope to use mobile cell phones to connect over 25 million Nigerian Youth with the aim of using them to push for Political, Agriculture and Health reforms as they have designed it. The political agenda has been described as democratic coup-d’état, that will remove power from the present political class to a youth that would be entirely controlled by the foreign ICT-Giants.

High on the political agenda is the Youth takeover of the Nigerian national parliament which has a senate and lower house of delegates as in France. They also target the state houses of assembly which are needed for laws to be implemented across Nigeria.   The stated objective is to field independent candidates 35 years or younger and provide funding from the ICT-Giants through several channels already in place. The selection process has been made easier by the fact that independent candidates would be allowed to run in a blitz campaign called “not too young to run” designed by a reputable American political strategist.

An Obama and Macron-styled campaign is planned for the youth President that may challenge President Buhari or any other older candidate and most members of the parliament would go too. The mainstream media owned by the billionaires are already setting up new political programs and hiring linguists in the different Nigerian languages to promote the youth candidates chosen by the American ICT-billionaires to become the new face of Nigerian politics that they entirely control. The present major political parties in Nigeria will be rendered redundant. The political decisions in Nigeria would be made from Washington and London in all aspects of life.

Africans have been very reluctant to pass the Same-Sex marriage law, Abortion, gender equality laws and use of genetically modified organisms (GMO) crops. All these would change, and the first-line priorities of the youthful parliament and government in the near future Nigeria would make these until now unthinkable options possible. The laws would be crafted to relegate the very powerful Islamic, Christian and Traditional institutions to mere ceremonial artifacts. The Civil Service will be repopulated with youth without prerequisite experience as retirement age would be lowered to 50 years. Nigeria as the largest African country would lose its identity and culture.

In the agricultural Sector, the ICT-Giants are funding youth farmers through the IITA-Institutional partnerships to provide agri-technologies and GMO seeds, to buyout older farmers who until now have been reluctant to spread the use of GMO seeds. This would leave the country eternally dependent on America for GMO seeds. Most scary is the health framework law called the National Health Act that was passed in 2014 and has not been implemented because it contains provisions that allow human organ and ovarian egg trafficking for stem cell research in biotechnology firms owned by the ICT-Giants.

A security analyst for big oil here in Paris who prefers to be named Ayo, who read the full document said “the recently passed constitutional amendments in the national assembly has been suspect and does not mean well for Nigeria”. A Constitutional Lawyer Sola said that “the national assembly has no constitutional empowerment to make amendments to the constitution, their actions could be challenged as illegal”. One of the gurus named Pierre Dubois, who is conversant with the document exclaimed “I guess the Nigerian lawmakers did not know they were rendering themselves unemployed, when they lowered the age-limits and passed independent candidacy’” He continued “it is sad that corruption does not allow Nigeria to achieve its great potential, since the leaders who are by the way wealthier than our senators here, fall for peanuts that will only destroy that great country”. Another security consultant Dele, says “all hope is not lost if only the state houses of assembly will throw out these amendments and the Federal Government stop collaboration with the evil intents of the ICT-Giants with Greek gifts”.

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