I Weep For Nigeria, I Weep For Nigerians

I Weep For Nigeria, I Weep For Nigerians

By Emmanuel Chiedu

I always thought (from popular opinion) that the Peoples Democratic Part (PDP) were a tout party, but the All Progressives Congress (APC) has set a new standard, giving bad governance a new definition.

This is a party that rode into power in 2015 through popular vote, with the aim of giving power back to the people. What has been happening in Nigeria with the whole secrecy shrouding our president’s medical vacation and most recently, the cancellation of a planned National Protest by 2face Idibia shows our country has been kidnapped by a few powerful men.

The APC continue to show a strong hatred for criticism, opposition and the people, this is why they have continued to suppress every loud voice that has emerged to complain about how bad things are.

The ruling party should be ashamed for running Nigeria aground, with everything in the country taking a massive nosedive, except for inflation which is at 18.5%, an all-time high. Yet they spend more time attempting to stop Nigerians from complaining. I was not surprised when i watched 2baba in a video yesterday canceling today’s planned protest (which are still going albeit on a lower scale), I understand the kind of enormous pressure he must have been put under. Do not be surprised that the legendary musician would have entertained countless threats from those that have power. His family, friends and others close to him might have been one way or the other affected by the planned protest.

Well, it is a pity, some of us actually had hope prior to the emergence of this government, those in power painted the previous administration as devils, we were so convinced that we forgot the popular adage; THE DEVIL YOU KNOW IS BETTER THAN THE ANGEL YOU DON’T KNOW.

The only reason I worry is because I know that come 2019, the ruling party might not give Nigerians a credible election, because if they do, then Nigerians are likely to kick them out like they did to Goodluck Jonathan (who time has proven a hero).

It saddens me to see that the few voices who have continued to speak for the people are the same people under investigation for various reasons. Today, only a few are bold enough to speak out. The likes of Femi Fani-Kayode, Peter Ayodele Fayose and Charly Boy remain loud voices in the wilderness. While I do not agree with everything they say, but at least they are bold enough to confront the obnoxious policies being churned out every day by the current administration.

It is easy to blame every problem on the previous administration, but I am happy my fellow countrymen and women are no longer buying what the federal government’s propagandists have to sell. I weep for my country Nigeria, I weep for the federal government. Nigerians deserve better. What happens in 2019 will determine where we go from here.


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