What I Learnt from Leaving My Teaching Job

What I Learnt from Leaving My Teaching Job

In Dec 2013, I voluntarily resigned as a classroom teacher. Then, I taught in one of the best schools in Epe. If you are familiar with my area, you would know there are schools and there are schools. This particular school is owned by a large international organization. Many of my friends questioned my decision to resign from a school that pays not only well but also regularly. A school where many people envy you once you tell them you teach in XYZ Model College. It was unreasonable to them. To tell you how unreasonable it was, I enjoyed free school bus ride to and from school, I get salary increment up to one-fourth of my salary every January. Every December, we get an end of the year package no matter how small. What again? I had a better teaching environment: electricity throughout school hour, access to the computer and many other perks. And guess what I resigned to? P.A. Personal Assistant. Not to the Governor of Senior Special Adviser (as we do have in Nigeria where an SSA also has a personal assistant, who also has a personal assistant). I resigned to work as P.A to the Supervisor, Budget and Planning of a particular LCDA. For the unknowns, LCDA is the second fiddle to a local government.

So you see it was crazy of me to do that. But I had my reasons. I knew at that point that I was still coming back to the classroom ( I now teach JSS 1-3 Mathematics in a government-owned school). But at that point in my life, there was some important life skills I needed and the job I retired to offered me the opportunity to have them. Suffice to say that within the space of one year that I worked as P.A. to the supervisor, I learnt first-hand public speaking from him and glad to say that today, even if small, I earn as a public speaker. In the space of that one year, I had free training worth over N500,000! Yes. What about the education and experience that comes with traveling? Remember it is said that traveling is part of education and you could learn in one travel what you could not learn in 1 year. I went to places I had never been before. What about meeting people? Wow! I met people and more importantly, heard them talk and most importantly, learned from their engagement. This alone was priceless. What about one-on-one mentoring? The honorable automatically became my mentor and he monitored (and still monitors) my progress in life, academics et cetera. Little wonder, I gave him the singular honor to write the foreword of my first and Amazon Bestselling book, Write To Stardom. And one more thing. I still earned at the end of each month.

To people who were not in my shoe, they couldn’t understand why I chose to resign then but I did and glad today that I did.


Count down to October 5, World Teacher’s Day. Countdown to my second book launch, A-Z of Effective Teaching (24 Titbits On How To Move From An Average Teacher To An Innovative Teacher: A Composition of My Teaching Journey).

Kazeem Abolore Sulaimon (KAS) Innovative Teacher. Creative Writer.

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