How I Got Airtel to Stop Deducting N50 from My Airtime Daily

How I Got Airtel to Stop Deducting N50 from My Airtime Daily

By Abdulkabir Olatunji

That telecom networks in Nigeria can be frustrating is something many Nigerians would agree with.

About 2 weeks ago after investing in data from 2 other networks that were so unreliable or simply not working,  I felt compelled to subscribe to the Airtel Daily Plan. The idea was to use it to keep in touch with clients and partners via WhatsApp especially for that particular day only. If I feel I want to use Airtel plans for browsing, I tend to use monthly plans. However,  this time around having subscribed to Glo and Etisalat that were failing on that particular day,  I just needed a stop-gap solution.

I was able to subscribe and browse successfully, the plan was meant to expire in 24 hours and I was okay with this.

What happened the following day was the beginning of a time-wasting and frustrating experience, I was placed on auto-renewal and promptly had N50 deducted from my airtime. I called their customer care number 111 and never found the option to talk to a customer care attendant,  after trying this about 3 times,  I simply gave it up. The next day my airtime balance got deducted again.

I was angry but wanted a rational solution,  I tried getting the staff on Airtel’s Customer Care Twitter handle ,  no response.

I tried using their Facebook page where I did get responses telling me to be patient while the issue would be fixed. I waited and waited no change for days.

After about a week, I got their Customer Care email address from their USSD service before firing this email:

I used the Airtel Daily Social Plan once and since then you have automatically auto-renewed the service charging N50 per day without any information on how to opt out.

You have removed call centre from your 111 number,  hence,  it is impossible to get the information from one of your call centre agents. I have contacted your team on Facebook to no avail.

I want this auto-renewal of the daily social media plan stopped on my line 080 danger dangerXX. I might be forced to take drastic legal action if this is not addressed immediately.

Warm regards,
Abdulkabir Olatunji

5 days later,  I got a response that the issue had been fixed and By this time,  I had refused to recharge on the line, so even if this assurance was true or false,  I simply refused to buy Airtel airtime.

I am sharing this story to help other subscribers that might be having similar challenges,  don’t let these telecom companies frustrate you into making unnecessary donations to them,  keep trying different communication channels until your complaint is addressed.

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