Why I am Ashamed of My Son — Ryan Giggs’ Father

Why I am Ashamed of My Son — Ryan Giggs’ Father

Ryan Giggs has been appointed the Manager of Wales which under normal circumstances would make most fathers happy but not his.

Wilson Giggs, Ryan’s father is reportedly ashamed of him.  This is as a result of the ex-Manchester United star allegedly sleeping with his younger brother, Rhodri’s wife, Natasha.

Speaking to the Sun (UK) on the issue,  he said:

“I should be the proudest dad in the world, as happy as a lark by what he’s achieved - but I am ashamed of him. I can’t even bring myself to use his name - I refer to him as the ex-footballer,” he noted.

“He’s put himself first and all he cares about is his TV punditry and opening swanky hotels in Manchester. Now when I see him on TV I switch off, all the family do.

“He is my son and it brings me close to tears to say that my family don’t respect him and look up to him. As the eldest he should have been watching his brother’s back - not stabbing him in it. He cheated in the worst possible way and is not man enough to apologise for it,” Wilson said.

News reports in the British press in 2015 had indicated that Ryan called Rhodri on phone to apologize for his alleged 8-year affair with Natasha which is believed to have started before the latter married her and ended in 2011.

However,  this latest outburst from their father casts doubts as to whether such an apology was made or even accepted if true.

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