How to Grow Your Business Online

How to Grow Your Business Online

By Egboka Ozioma

Few decades ago, growing a business online may have sounded like a dry joke. But, with the emergence of search engines like Google and Bing, social media sites, websites, mobile apps; the challenge of promoting a business online have long been overhauled.

Don’t sing yet; this is not me saying that online business can be likened to taking local ‘akamu‘ with abundant peak milk. Nevertheless, it is somewhat ‘pappy’.

Growing a business online involves a lot of things which the first is having a goal.

Let’s assume you are an event manager, what exactly do you want to achieve by growing your business on the web?

  • More bridal followership on social
  • More couples receiving your news later or
  • More events to
  • Increased web

Acknowledging your goals helps you decide which way would be best fitted for your business growth.

Great ways for putting your business online, and driving more sales include:

Getting Your Business Listed in Online Local Business Directories

Local businesses here refer to people who operate within a physical geographical location, and sell products or services majorly to people within that locality.

Getting your business listed increases the chance of your business popping up when someone searches for that kind of services in your location, e.g. If I am within Amuwo Odofin, and I type on google: Events management companies. Google using my phone enabled GPS will track my exact location and list event management businesses within Amuwo Odofin. Therefore, getting my business enlisted, increases the chance of people seeing it on search engines.

Building a website or Mobile App

Well, mobile internet access is growing in leaps and bounds and most people when they’re on the go prefer to browse with their phones. Creating a website or an app (depending on choice and financial capabilities of the business) for your business could be a great way to achieving your online goals.

It is worthy of note to know that you must make your app or website Mobile friendly. This website acts as an online home for your business where people can come and know more about your business, and even make purchases without meeting you physically.

Your website should therefore be easy to navigate and be fast in loading as online people have little attention life span.

Also your website and app should include your address, phone number, about page, and reviews.

Having a phone number is important should the customer to be decide to call immediately if he’s using a phone.

Your mobile app has features which can utilize the GPS to track when your potential customers are within your geographical location so you can send them a targeted advert. Also it can contain a map to show them the route to your physical office.

You could also include in both your website and app reviews or testimonials by satisfied customers, this would help build trust and encourage patronage.

Social Media Pages

They can be used to replace apps and websites. This depends on individuals. Social media helps you share interesting videos, and pictures with your followers who are interested in the services you offer.

Social media helps for interaction and build of trust between customers and business owners.

Very popular social media Platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Online advertising (SEM and SEO)

Having done the above, online advertising helps put your business in front of people.

While SEO increases your search engine rankings and enables that your business appears in people’s search results, SEM enables you to bid for key words so that your business can appear also when people search for related businesses.

Online advertising helps you become more visible, brings your website or even social media pages in front of people. Targeted adverts help you reach

people who are already interested in the kind of business you do, and could contain some offers to encourage them to click on your adverts and patronize you.

Web Analytics

After you have done all the above. You will need to monitor your growth, find what is working, and what isn’t. You may need to know what people do on your website, how much of your goals you have achieved.

This would help you plan your next move, and know how best to keep growing your business. All this can be achieved by the use of web analytics.

Before ending this, it is important to note that growing a business online requires patience and persistence.

Do all those, and you are well on your way to becoming a storm in online business!

Egboka Ozioma popularly known as Ozibekee on social media is a Science teacher with a keen eye for detail and stories.

She’s a seasoned writer and has written numerous articles and short stories on different issues. Her writings come alive, jump on your skin and make you feel like you’re living them. 

She’s also trained in the fundamentals of digital marketing and can be reached via or +2348038832572

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