Gigku is a New Freelancing Platform you should Know About

Gigku is a New Freelancing Platform you should Know About

Gigku is a marketplace for Freelancers worldwide that are priced at $10 and more. You can buy and sell any digital tasks for $10 and more. Anyone can create a Service Product on the site and start selling. Buyers can order Gigku Services and they are required to pay for the works in advance.

Gigku Works are divided into Product Categories, like Logo Designs, Email Marketing, Video Editing, Social Media Marketing, Graphics, Ghost Writing, Technology, Business, Programming & Technical supports.

As a Buyer, you have the assurance that your task will be completed within the given time frame and up to your standards after necessary revision, and if you are not fully satisfied, you get the full refund. Gigku will post buyer feedback on Gigku Freelancers who perform the tasks.

Task performers will be given a positive feedback score, which can be seen by users who are considering hiring them for the Tasks.

If you are a business owner and want to hire someone to design your business Logo, business Cards, build your business Website for cheap, Gigku hooks you up with Expert and Talented Freelancers around the world who are willing to do all sorts of digital and internet things for Ten Dollars and more.

The concept of Gigku is super easy and simple to get into. People sign up for a free account, then post what tasks or services they’re willing to do for Ten Dollars and more. If you’ve got an idea and are willing to sell for money, you can post and sell your services offered on Gigku.

Full details of the services available can be found by visiting:

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