How to Get Steady Power with MTN Mobile Electricity

How to Get Steady Power with MTN Mobile Electricity

Lumos Mobile Electricity lights up Nigeria with modern solar electricity to power lights, mobile phones, fans, computers, TVs and more; for as low as N200 per day, conveniently paid with your airtime from your MTN line. The Lumos Mobile Electricity solution includes a large solar panel linked to an indoor storage unit that allows customers to access significant amounts of power on-demand, day or night. The service is provided on a lease to own basis, and the cost is spread over 5 years, so customers can choose a suitable plan from the plan options and pay for usage in small installments. Visit MTN Walk-In- Centres nationwide and plug into Lumos mobile electricity powered by MTN Nigeria.

This is a great innovation from MTN and we are sure other companies are developing similar schemes for the Nigerian market, micro, small businesses  and individuals doing online business should especially find this useful.

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