Know how to get back to your Google account quickly

Know how to get back to your Google account quickly

In the era of digitalization, everything has become easy because of various apps and online services. But, during this transition, there was one thing that didn’t change i.e  Google account. Google account is still one of the basic requirement for performing various online activities and surfing. However, there are times when some users have encountered issues with their Google account recovery. Fortunately, one can easily recover their Google account by following a simple process discussed in this article.

Recover Google account

There are many Google users who have reported the issue of Google account recovery. But, one can easily follow the Google account recovery for Android steps provided here to gain back access to their Google account.

For recovering Google account and open Google recovery page.

After that provide your Google account ID and proceed.

Further, you will be prompted to enter the last password of your account.

In case, if you don’t remember the last password of your account, simply click on try another option.

Thereafter, a recovery code will be sent of your phone number. In case, if you no longer have access to the recovery phone number, then code will be provided to you via recovery email.

And then, you need to provide the code when prompted.

After this, your account will be verified, you will be provided with an option to reset your Google account password.

Further, create a new password for your Google account and click on Next option.

Once the new password is created, the user can easily access their Google account using the new password.

And in this way, the query on  how do I get back to my Google account is easily resolved. However, if a user still face any issue or have any queries, they can feel free to contact Google support for help.

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