How to get a 2nd Number that works anywhere in the world on a Single SIM

How to get a 2nd Number that works anywhere in the world on a Single SIM

BlueHouse Communications has rolled out their latest version of a second number service for mobile telephones. This is based on a patented technology that allows you to have two true cellular numbers on your mobile device.  Our competitors can only offer a wifi based service that only works when you are connected to a wifi network.  Our service is a world-wide cellular based service that works anywhere your current phone is working.  This service is carrier agnostic and works on any platform: iphone, android, ios, etc.  You can sign up for this service for only $10. The signup link is provided below.  You will receive 1000 minutes, 250 texts and a dedicated voicemail for your new number.  Use your second number to give to merchants to prevent being hassled by telemarketers.  Or use your BlueHouse number for family and close friends.  This service is great for the BYOD market, where a company can simply pay for your second line service and you get the benefit of using your own phone at work but not taxed with business costs.  A separate call record report is provided for your BlueHouse number.

BlueHouse has been developing this technology for several years and multiple patents have been issued to protect this technology.  All the other second line service providers only operate on wifi and so, you are restricted on where you can use them.  Not with a BlueHouse number, it is available for use anywhere you have cellular coverage.

You can set up separate ring tones so that you know when you are receiving a call on your BlueHouse number or your native phone number.

When you sign up, you receive an SMS containing a link to either the appstore or the google play store and the necessary code you need to enter to enable you new phone number.  You also get to pick your number.  Once you download and open the app, you receive a PIN code to be entered.  Once entered, you are off and running.

The next version of the BlueHouse Number will allow you to port any phone number as your BlueHouse number and, we will also add in the ability to have more than one BlueHouse Number.

Also, if you want to sell BlueHouse numbers under a branded phone service, contact us for details.


It is best to access from your mobile phone but, you can sign up using a computer as well.  In either case, just visit the following link: at and click on the BUYBLUE button.

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