Was George Weah Overrated?

Was George Weah Overrated?



I didn’t watch George Weah play at the peak of his football career (except for Liberian national team in that Liberia vs Nigeria game that shot Yobo into limelight) but I have tried several times in the last few years to convince myself of the much talked about ability of the AC Milan legend that made him win World Footballer of the Year.

I have watched Youtube videos of his exploits as well as his wikipedia stats, I’m not very convinced.

Most of the goals he scored in the youtube clips were box 18 finishes. Clinical finishing, yes, but far from a Ronaldo De Lima or even Ibrahimovic finish. I didn’t see him take on 4 defenders. I didn’t see him cut through from the side like Henry. Most of the goals were even from inside box 18 or just outside it. Most of them were power goals similar to what Yakubu Ayegbeni or Martins scored.

From youtube, I went to Wikipedia. His stats are not that great. His highest league goal count in a season was 18 (for Monaco, 1991/1992 season) and while at Milan where he is said to be a legend, he never scored more than 13 league goals in a season.

Throughout his 12 year top level career across Monaco, PSG and Milan, he never had a goal ratio of 0.5 (one goal in every 2 games) in a season.

One reputable website ranked him among the Top 20 dribblers of all time - and that was even what prompted consolidating my research on him - but I could only manage to see only one fantastic dribble from all the clips of him I watched.

How can s striker that never scored more than 20 goals (in all games -League, Europe, local cups etc) only in 2 seasons in all of his career be rated so highly?

I know Messi and C. Ronaldo have “bastardised” goal scoring record, but I’m not comparing with Messi or CR7 at all.

Ronaldo De Lima shot into limelight only few years after Weah (so could be said to be same generation), but Ronaldo scored more than 20 goals in many seasons and his overall league goal ratio is about 0.72 (scores in 7 out of every 10 matches).

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  1. Abdulkabir at 11:26 PM

    The premise that the World Footballer of the Year has to score a tonne of goals is the flaw in Jarus’ submission. At the time, the Italian Serie A was regarded as the best league in the world and George Weah was the biggest star for that year in that Milan team making it a really good side after a great World Cup in 1994, standards were definitely not lax as there were many stars on the global scene. I guess you would argue against Romario too.

    Did you research who was second and third that year?

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