How to Find Cheap Apartments for Rent In Lagos

How to Find Cheap Apartments for Rent In Lagos

 By Tolu Ade

Finding a cheap and affordable apartment for rent in Lagos can be very demanding and sometimes frustrating; especially for a novice who does not fully understand the tricks involved in ‘apartment hunting’. To ease your hustle, I have come up with the list of recommended real estate companies in Lagos. You may find that most apartments in Lagos are very expensive and probably above your budget. However for a person with the right knowledge and experience, finding a cheap apartment for rent in Lagos is very easy and can even be considered as a funfair. Have you been trying to get a cheap and affordable apartment in Lagos? Do you wish to end your long search for a home in the shortest possible time? Are you confused as to how to go about apartment hunting? Then keep on reading, as this article is aimed at helping you in the search for a cheap and affordable rental apartment in Lagos.

There are a few steps that are necessary in other to guaranty a successful apartment hunt. At first, you want to consider factors in renting a house in Lagos. Most of the listed steps have been taking by professional real estate agents and have proven very effective, they include; determining your budget, look for areas where rent is cheap, look out for new buildings, inspect the apartment, consider getting a roommate, etc.

Determine Your Budget

The first step you should take while looking for an apartment to rent in Lagos is to determine how much you can afford. There is a popular saying that goes “cut your coat according to your size,” this idea should be applied when looking for a cheap apartment to rent; especially in Lagos where there are a wide range of rental properties with different prices and different conveniences. Put in mind that after you have paid the rent you will need money to furnish the place and move in; also you might want to change some things in the apartment. Be specific as to what you can afford without putting a hole in your pocket. Doing this will give you a sense of direction and help you get an apartment in the shortest possible time.

Look for Areas Where Rent is Cheap

There are areas in Lagos where houses are very expensive and so are rental apartments. Areas such as; VI, Ajah, Lekki, Ikoyi, and most places on the Island are filled with ‘high class citizens’ and are generally expensive to live in. looking for a cheap apartment for rent in these areas can prove difficult if not impossible. On the other hand areas such as; Ogba, Ojuelegba, Agege, Mushin, and most places in the mainland contain a good number of cheap apartments for rent. Furthermore, searching outside areas that are less populated will prove helpful, as you are more likely to get a cheap apartment in such areas.

Look Out for New Buildings

This trick has always proved effective. The idea is to look for new tenement buildings; most landlord of new tenement houses in Lagos are eager to rent out their apartments, therefore the will be more disposed to make negotiations and give out the apartment for a fair bargain.

Consider Getting a Roommate

If in the course of your search for an apartment you find one that you like but the price happens to be above your budget, the smartest thing to do is to get a roommate. Getting a trusted friend or colleague as a roommate will not only help you get the apartment that you love so much, it will also reduce the cost of the apartment as you and your roommate are likely to split the total cost.


Getting a cheap apartment for rent in Lagos is very possible; all you need is knowledge on how to go about the ‘apartment hunt’. However if you still feel you are not cut out for the task, you could always hire a real estate agent to help you.


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