Fashion Items that Stayed Trendy in 2016

Fashion Items that Stayed Trendy in 2016

Fashion trends change every time, in fact some people don’t repeat fashion trends or follow one for more than a month. There are a lot of trends and wears that were seen as top brands in the 80s that people of these days would never want to be caught wearing, but then again just as old wines are the best wines, so are some timeless fashion items and styles and   these styles still exist amongst the “hip youth” and are seen as part of pop culture in recent times.

This list as compiled by Jumia market’s business intelligence team consists of items that basically every man has at least three to four items of; they are items that were in vogue decades ago, but because of their easy fit and designs they remain trendy,in 2016.

Truth is the simpler a fashion design is, the easier it is for it to stay trending over time, simple colors and designs hardly go out of style, and over the time they only experience minor changes, unlike some fashion items that are mere fads (big trends that last for a short time ) . Examples are the classic items shown on this list;




Suits: Suits have been in existence for a very long time and over the years they remain classic and are worn by almost everyone. They are formal, stylish and can be worn for corporate  outings. Suits come in different styles; we have tuxedos and different patterns suits. There are no arguments that every man should have at least a pair or two.




Denim: Denim is a fashion trend that has been around for decades and it’s one that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Denims are jean-like materials; mostly blue or black. They’ve been around for a long time and are still very fashionable till date; it’s a casual wear that when matched properly can be worn to any occasion. Overtime, designers redefine denims styles bringing out new concepts to fit the modern fashion status.


White shirt: The emphasis on importance of a white shirt or white t-shirt cannot be overstretched. It has probably been in existence long before most fashion items. White tees and shirts are safe clothing; not too loud, can be worn to any kind of occasion and styled in different ways. White shirts are classic and adds variations to your outfit, white shirts and tee shirts would literally never go out of fashion. They could be teamed with all kind of colors and looks, whether corporate, casual or indoor wear. White shirts and tee shirts are never wrong.




Jerseys: I don’t think there’s need for a reminder on how old jerseys have been around for, or how relevant and trendy they have remained over the years; jerseys are worn for different reasons. For sport lovers all over the world, they are worn to show support for their favorite teams or just because of it’s a good look. Jerseys are perfect casual simple wears, they fit into any kind of foot wear, and are very comfortable.


Ray-Ban is a fashion accessory that you can never go wrong with. Ray bans and nerd glasses are on this list because, as modern as they seem to be, they’ve been in existence for a very long time, and seem like they are here to stay for an even longer time. Ray bans can be worn to any occasion, and even when it’s not so sunny people don’t mind just holding their original glasses in an original case. In modern times every  sunshades lover must own a pair of dark shades ray bans or transparent ones.



Baseball hats: were first worn in 1860 by a baseball team called Brooklyn Excelsior’s, that’s how long and are still very in vogue till date They are normally used to advertise cities, logos, brands or sports teams. They were originally worn by athletes. Imagine a product that old, still very trendy and now is been used by corporate and social bodies to advertise, or just look swaged out. A pair of baseball hats to represent your city, sports team or company are still must haves till today.



Chinos -From the ancient transcending to semi corporate wear, chinos  made their way on the list for their persistence in staying relevant in the fashion world. Chinos are still used in some schools, as a  corporate attire, and also as a casual outfit. Its simple and versatile use has made its stay a prolonged one and they will remain a comfortable and hip cool option for pants trousers.  Chinos are very safe,  they are classics and they are a great choice for comfortable fashion.



Loafers: These were worn far back since the days, mostly by royalties as indoor shoes. Now they are worn as slip-on shoes/stay home, or for casual outings; it varies according to your style and preference. Loafers make for great casual as well as formal footwear. With all this features from an easy to use stylish shoe there’s no reason for them to ever go out of style.


All stars Converse, Chuck Taylors are unarguably one of the longest riders in the fashion scene. This brand is so special and deserves an award in the shoe hall of fame, not just because it has stayed relevant and trendy up till now, but it also has its old style. The first design of the all-stars are still the most preferred by most people; they are easy fitting, comfortable and can be worn with every casual look. From chinos , jeans or pant trousers, converse all-stars  always remain a fashion item you can count on.



Timberlands saved for last, because of its heavy presence and significance in pop culture. Foot wears like timberlands ,all-stars  and Jordan’s represent a culture that would be passed down to generations, they are very rugged looking, giving your feet confidence as you move them around. Timberlands are preferably worn with denims. Just like the converse, the most popular timberland products remains its first known item till now , that is the Butters Timberland boot. Timberlands are casual footwear worn when you want your presence felt. Over the years the timberland boots don’t look like they would ever be forgotten.

These fashion items have become part of society’s culture, they are items we saw with our older ones while growing up, got them when we got of age, and our kids would still wear them. Any fashion forward person should have at least three of the above-listed items. So when next you’re shopping and you’re looking for something that would always be fashionable, select from  these items and be sure they’ll never fail you.


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