A Tale of a Facebook Scammer and ‘Her’ Apple Gifts

A Tale of a Facebook Scammer and ‘Her’ Apple Gifts

By Muh’d Sani Jahun

She sent me a friend request. I viewed her profile first before accepting. I saw that she is a software engineer at Aberdeen airport, Scotland. I was surprised. I checked whether I share many mutual friends with her, so, I can understand the reason why she added me. No, we didn’t. I surprised.

I checked her pictures that she had been uploaded, no doubt she is beautiful. On her DP it was her beautiful, attractive, gorgeous picture with Apple Laptop on her lap. She must be a rich woman, I thought.

I was thinking either to decline or accept her request. I accepted.

What surprised me was how she immediately private messaged me. Saying “Hello, sir I am Jessica from Scotland - UK. I am a software engineer at Aberdeen Airport. I saw your profile picture and I like you, you’re nice guy. Please can you tell me about you?”

I first tried to ignored her, but my “ego” would never let me to do this mistake. Neglecting such a pretty, cute, white-faced lady by a young Nigerian bachelor like me is a great offence. Well, I started by ” I am Sani Yakubu, from Jigawa, Nigeria. I am still student.” I concluded, hoping that the question will stop there, but she seemed to be very modest and in fact, she was impressed extremely by my casual introductory. “Which phone are you using?” She asked.

“Why?” surprisingly I replied. I wasn’t actually happy with question.

“I just want us to chat through Webcam, are you using Apple Laptop or Apple iPhone.” She explained.

Anzo gurun, her question didn’t come as surprise to me, because she is the fourth person who asked me exactly the same question. Such people are Nigerian fraudsters scamming people online by pretending to be chatting with people from abroad. You know, Nigerians, sorry Africans, believe that any white person from western world is well-to-do and spend money in abundance, mutanen suna da kudi kamar jujin bola (everyone is rich there). We are wrong. Totally wrong.

I didn’t show her I recognized that she wanted to scam me. “I don’t have an Apple iPhone let alone an Apple laptop.” I replied. That was the answer she liked me to give. By the way, she knew it already, 95% of Nigerians use either phones or cheap laptops to come online. Only a few people use Apple iPhone or Laptops to browse.

“If you could receive, I could buy an Apple laptop, iPhone and Macro MacBook for you.” she said. I already knew that would be the end of the story. So I asked her how could I receive them if she bought them for me. She said it is simple. She could send them through “Emirate Chicago Airway”. She asked me to send my picture and details. I did. She then ignored me, after some minutes she texted me, telling me that she was already at Electronic Shop buying the items for me. She sent the samples of beautiful Apple laptops and iPhones to me. She asked me to choose my types. I did and thanked her later.

An hour later, she sent me a picture of a scanned paper which contained my details and details of where the sent parcel will be received. (Murtala Muhammad International Airport Ikeja - Lagos). she later sent me a parcel picture, containing the picture I sent her. She said, inside the parcel, there were Apple Laptop, iPhone, Macro MacBook and 500 pounds (500 pounds fa? Not even dollars) Ai na zama Allaji.

The next day I woke up and I was greeted first with a message, telling me that my parcel was arrived at Murtala Muhammad International Airport through Emirates Chicago Airway, I should call my customer care for individual delivery. I did call. She picked. “Hello sir, (with respect) I am so, so, so at Murtala Muhammad Airport, how may I help you? I explained everything. She asked me to hold on so that she could check if mine was arrived. She checked. It was arrived. She told me I should come and take my parcel myself or send money for individual dispatch. I have never been to Lagos, so I couldn’t risk myself. I complain. But, I have a trusted friend there, so I could send him to receive it, so he can send it to me anytime. She said no. There was my picture on the parcel. So, they could only give the parcel to the person on that picture, or else send it back to sender.

My heart can’t believe it. I was afraid, this case might be different with other case I met with this case seems to be true. She was probably true that she sent the parcel as she claimed. I can’t believe it. I repeat. But still I am afraid. Afraid of losing those items.

I quickly call that lady again. I asked her how much am I going to pay for individual delivery? She asked to where? Jigawa, I answered. Well it was N27000. Chai? I swore, I haven’t such amount. But she seemed not cared about it totally. I agreed to send the money. So she texted me the Bank’s account details. The details do not in any way seemed like a company’s account. It seemed personal account. I told her she should have sent me the company number instead that personal account number. She said no, that was my dispatcher’s account number. Kayyyy, this woman wants do wayyo for me. I forget her. When I came to my Jessica, she was asking me whether I receive the parcel, I told her no, it was scam. Then she blocked me.

Thank God, I am saved.


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