Evangelism of Logo Benz

Evangelism of Logo Benz

By Adedokun Seyi

I’ve decided to pen my thought on the spontaneous sense ridden lyric of the song of this secular stars who, at times, people feel they just wake to bounce into the studio and say something to only sound like a song. First, to say nonsensical songs get their ways amidst us as Africans alone doesn’t settle a sense of reasoning. We are only being driven by accent and localization. Had it been the song was wrapped in the tongues of foreign hip-hop stars, we may have little to say because they’re foreigners, but that’s not the issue at hand by the way.

When I saw different criticism on Logo Benz, I couldn’t say anything because I was ignorant of the release, so I decided to download and listen to it, just as I did to the “one corner” song by “katapa” and I didn’t pick a thing useful from it, other than preaching libelous fact about dancing and in a form, it speaks a lot about what people do while alone. Morally, from the song lyric to the dance, to me, it even speaks about the person that sang it. But some songs sang by these  music hobnobbers are not just songs we can plug into our ears at every moment. Many of these songs are meant for a while and they should be forgotten or played again when that moment comes.
When the issue of monkey and snake carting large sums of money away arose among others - being politics, education and socialization, falz decided to paint Nigeria in a beautiful, simple and innocent satire, which explains to its dwellers, exposes what we’ve been blindly engaged in. He decided to sing this after Childish Gambino presented his own rendition to America. Many of these music stars did the same thing for their countries and they all have things in common. The great song satirists, I call them.
In the Matters Miscellaneous column of Professor Dare Olatunji, he satirically discussed Buhari’s Double, Between giver and receiver, Vast Estates, Ghost Owners, GEJ is back, and the satire shook the spirit-filled Bishop Oyedepo that he raised a fire branded prayer on the altar after reading that part to his members and they also sheep along. As said by Bishop, what attracted his attention was what the Professor wrote “I can report authoritatively that representatives of the Jubril family, having discovered the gigantic swindle, suddenly showed up in Abuja the other day and demanded to be compensated with a power-sharing arrangement at the federal level in perpetuity, plus 50 percent of Nigeria’s oil revenues for ten years in the first instance” - he recognized authority and he kowtowed to it.
The same way, Nigerians have been trapped in the song sang by Lil Kesh and Olamide - Logo Benz.  After listening to it for more than fifteen times, I decided to read through to get his reason for that guilty song, to find out why he decided to expose himself and let people know him for what they’ve known him for. Music stars have tyrants, ritualists, kidnappers, sex stars, bad word stars, buried among them. They are guilty, they speak what they do, they don’t care, many value love, friendship, appreciation, admonition and warning of the end time.
Why did you think the song is promoting rituals as the only way? Why do we think the only fume is about prostitution, making money by all means and causing quagmire? Why can’t we bend to the satirical part - the reality of this time.
We’ve heard many people say the challenges of this country have taught them to laugh, lamenting over it would only lead to nothing but stagnation of one’s progress and unnecessary soberness. So, why shouldn’t a music star laugh it in songs as writers do write satires? Nowadays, we should try and respond to life with Sacarsm at times.
Even though, these duo may be unconscious or guilty of the song, all I could see is the mind of the people. I saw the apparent characters in our world today. Ritualists, kidnappers, prostitutes, fraudsters, greedy spiritualists, people that want to get money at all cost. Tied around the symbol of Logo Benz is a description of women underwear - panties, having the shape of this logo. According to the makers of Merceedes-Benz, thenewswheel.com explained the Mercedes-Benz star emblem, saying it holds a big secret.The iconic design has adorned the grilles and radiators of quality vehicles for a hundred years - as well as many personal accessories carried by enthusiasts. It represents the automaker’s drive towards universal motorization with its engines dominating the land, sea, and air (three point) and the Mercedes-Benz emblem is a symbol for the company’s plan for the world domination.
This has taken the mind of the youth and has ridden us off hardworking and creativity. The only focus of a larger percentage of humans is money, how to get it, how to spend it without accounting for it, how to use it to command anything. In politics, people seek for power and they use anything to get their ways into the dusted seats and most of them buy the destiny of young girls after taking them to the moon and feeding them with honey. The essence of having these things is to get materials which cars belong to.
It is needful for parents to pull the heads of their sons and daughters down in oil of warning. This is a period when everyone is overwhelmed with several goodies, gifts, invitations and parties. Before these money mongers get hold of their panties to buy any Benz or get credit from their occultic organization, care must be taken and if there would be domination at all, each person should dominate himself. God can use inanimate thing to minister to humans, so, what your pastor won’t tell you on the altar, he has spoken to us through these ones. Listen to what the spirit says
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