Entertale is fusing social media with African TV

Entertale is fusing social media with African TV

The argument is just beautiful for black entertainment and makes perfect sense to the basic of all levels, using Entertale.com is as simple as launching the app or heading to the website. As Africans in any location, you know you don’t have to do much of a search. It’s your content place and there is always something to watch. The last channel you visited starts playing automatically, with a channel guide you can scroll through on the bottom half of the screen. Entertale’s website app let you voice search movies easily, through their library of movies. The surfing experience is so easy.

African TV isn’t a new phenomenon, just google it and you will see websites you absolutely don’t want to have anything to do with or use your bank card in them. Just like there were many social networks before Facebook and much other successful company before and after it relative to their industry, this company is taking that narrow road in delivery that will completely change the TV game and it’s easier because it focusing on a niche market – Africans and diaspora.

As for the programming lineups, separately from the most popular African channels, there are four new innovative live channels for entrepreneurs, fashion, music, and movies – all afro. A Large part of the source of the channels comes from YouTube and this is a plus for the TV channels to reach more eyeballs globally and not adding more to their expenses in the process.

“We’re excited to be evolving our relationship with more studios and to bring their content to our members around the world,” said Entertale’s (https://entertale.com/), Co-founder & CEO. “Given the popularity of feedback since launch, we are listening to all the signals, filtering noise and most of all thrilled to be part of this movement.”

That’s to say as Entertale continue to pursue more premium, full-length video, more big channels will come in and service will be bent to add a premium service to the platform. One of the major things I like about it is the ability to surprise you with things you didn’t even know you wanted.

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