How to Enjoy Christmas in Lagos

How to Enjoy Christmas in Lagos

Christmas everywhere in the world is usually one of the best moments of the year. Apart from the sumptuous meals, the bright lights and all the merriment that goes around, it is usually the only time of the year to reunite with old friends, bond with distant relatives and your loved ones.

Like everywhere else, Christmas in Lagos is the only time of the year where the night is young and alive with various activities at every turn and corner.

Let’s dive into the things to do in Lagos this Christmas

Go for a Live Concert

From Rhythm Unplugged to Bobby Brown’s concert to Wizkid made in Lagos to Burna Live to Davido Live and so much more to attend this December, you don’t want to hear about it on Instagram or Snapchat. If you have a celebrity you love, then they must be at one of these concerts this December.  So get your tickets, ready, your friends aware, your phone fully charged with your power bank by your side and be ready to be a part of one of the best moments in Lagos this season.

Beach and Movies

At this time of the year, nature is in sync with the festivity. The sand at the beach is very dry for you to lay your mats down to catch up with your old friends and bond with your loved ones over barbeque and some bottles of good wine or your favorite drink. The good thing about going to the beach this season is that the music would be louder

If you don’t want to get your feet dirty in the sand, a movie time is also a good way to enjoy Christmas with your friends and loved once. More blockbuster movies would be released this December, ranging from fantasy, action and Sci-fi movies like Aquaman and Spider-Man, to drama comedy movies like Second Acts among others.  Whatever your movie genre is, there something amazing for you to watch at the cinema this season.

Recreational Centers

If you would like to take off the white shirts, let the fros out, and get really busy in action this season, then get ready to have a great time in Lagos this season. You can team up with your friends and family members and compete in a kart race at Get Arena in VI. If that is not so much fun, you could go paintballing, tug-o-war and participate in other team activities at Ultimate Arena in Magodo, Lagos.


This is probably the first thing to do to formally induct yourself into the Christmas Spirit. Although, Christmas carol was originally organized by a religious organization (churches), in recent times, organizations including banks now put together a Christmas carol events where the voices are lifting and the instruments aligning and welcoming you into the best time of the year.

While some organizations might organize their carols on Christmas Eve, some others organize theirs earlier in the month.

Whatever it is you would need to experience the best of Christmas this season is happening in Lagos but remember to always have extra cash, because you never can tell when the fun would become merrier.

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