Embrace ICT or Become Ineffective as a Leader

Embrace ICT or Become Ineffective as a Leader

By Nurudeen Akindele

The modern leader, whether in the public or private sector is a knowledge worker. In essence, to be an effective leader you need to be an expert in various functional areas of any organization you are overseeing. One of the major challenges of 21st-century leadership is the ability of leaders to make informed decisions that have the capacity to change the fortune of the organizations they are overseeing. In fact, the success or failure of any organization depends on the ability of its leaders to make a good decision. The most important ingredient in decision making is accurate and timely information.

Information on its own has no value to a leader if it’s inaccurate, untimely or at best incomplete. No matter how talented or skilled a leader is there is no way such a leader can make even simple routine decisions with information that have any of the above-listed qualities.  So how does information communication technology come into the entire gist or what do they do in the entire process of decision-making and leadership?

Before I go further, information basically is any knowledge that we value while Information communication technology refers to any atmosphere or conduit to which we can gather data process it, store the resulting information and at the end manage and transmit it to the appropriate channel. Remember I pointed out earlier that leadership is decision-making and the most important element of decision making is information.  So the million-dollar question here is: how do we get this information?

This is exactly where Information Communication Technology (ICT) comes into the picture. They are a number of information technologies out there. Just to mention a few such as computers, smart phones, networks such as the internet, flash drives, digital cameras, television, radio, websites, mobile apps and so much more. Besides, we are actually in an era where it is becoming extremely difficult to manage the large stream of data coming from different areas within an organization in real time. Leaders need to separate the data coming from various units or departments as the case maybe, understand and process them in order to make the correct decisions. The entire process can become cumbersome and hectic, especially for a leader that has no formal training in information management.

ICT on the other hand, can perform all these tasks in record time. Thus, providing the leader with accurate and timely information that can enable him to make accurate decisions which is important.

If you have not yet adopted ICT in your business or organization, it is time to do so because in a few years, you and your organization may be rendered redundant without it.


Nurudeen Akindele is a freelance writer, web developer, technology enthusiast, and information technology consultant, writes on a wide range of issues and can be reached via nurudeen_akindele@yahoo.com.

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