Edusko Launches “Family and School Matters” Animated Series in Nigeria

Edusko Launches “Family and School Matters” Animated Series in Nigeria

Edusko, leading Edtech start-up that connects parents and students with good and affordable schools within and outside Africa, has launched a still animated series titled “Family and School Matters” to help Nigerian parents and educators understand parenting, child education, school issues and other related matters in a fun, illustrative and educative way.

According to Edusko founder Jide Ayegbusi, the start-up is committed to helping families and educators understand critical issues that hover around child rearing, child development, education, parent-teacher relationship, sex education, discipline, financial literacy and many more.

“We’ve discovered that a lot of parents don’t have the time to read thousand-word articles to learn better ways of parenting. We want to help these parents learn more using still animation that can convey the narrative in less than 30 seconds. We also want to help the schools learn and understand better what’s going on within their students’ families,” Ayegbusi said.

Speaking about the animated characters, he said, “We’ve chosen the characters that reflect the lives of many busy parents in the city. These parents are faced with the challenges of excelling in their careers while also trying to be the best parents to their lovely kids.

“Our characters comprise: Mr. Barwa Macaulay, a middle-aged father who is a senior manager at a leading bank and his beautiful wife Tiwa, a 35 year-old personal assistant to the CEO of a leading telecom company. Chuba and Sandra are their children 8-year-old boy in grade 5 and 3 year-old girl attending home school respectively.”

Bukola Bello, Edusko content manager said, “Each season of the Family and School Matters shall last for 3 months. We would sponsor each weekly episode on social media and members of the public would have the opportunity to share their thoughts.”

Edusko was launched in 2015 to help parents and students find and apply to good schools amidst thousands jostling for their attention. In less than 2 years, over 3000 schools have been listed, over 500,000 parents have used the platform to find good schools and over 2000 students have been directly referred to the schools.

Schools ranging from crèches, nursery and primary, secondary, tertiary, special schools in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, UK, Canada, United States and China are freely available for finders on

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  1. Mary at 4:48 PM

    Nice piece, some of us are tired of staying at doing doing that after solid 2years if graduation….NYSC and FG plz do something, we are not getting any younger.

  2. Kunle at 11:50 AM

    Hopefully, our online/offline agitations
    are being heard by the agency,and am Cock Sure something positive about the stream II mobilisation course will come from later this week.

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