DOOGEE BL12000 Smartphone Debuts with World’s Largest Battery

DOOGEE BL12000 Smartphone Debuts with World’s Largest Battery

In a country like Nigeria where electricity supply is unreliable, this new smartphone from Doogee might be what many of us need…

Even with the big battery phone being commonplace these days, the battery volume of a massive 12000mAh sounds like a myth – but no more! The Guinness record- breaking smartphone, DOOGEE BL12000 is ready to amaze the public when it officially debuts on January 8th, 2018. It is available at the preferential price of $179.99 from January 8th to January 15th at

Guinness Record-Breaking 12000mAh Battery

The 12000mAh, containing enormous power capacity, is composed of two 6000mAh batteries. The BL12000 is currently the largest battery phone in the world; its battery life is four times that of the iPhone 8 Plus’s.

  • The 12000mAh has a super long endurance of 42 days of standby time and 90 hours of phone call time. Whether playing games or on a business trip, users can find it very convenient and practical for daily use.
  • 12V/3A fast charging is a must for this massive battery capacity smartphone. The BL12000 takes 4 hours to be full recharged, which performs really excellently considering its four-times larger battery volume.
  •  Furthermore, USB OTG function is supported by the BL12000 for reverse charging to other electronic equipment. Keyboard, mouse or mobile hard disks can be read by the phone directly. Reverse charging video:

Breakthrough: 130°Wide-angle Front Camera

Besides the superb battery, the camera design of BL12000 is another breakthrough in the handset industry. Employed four cameras, BL12000 makes a difference in cooperation.

  • Built with dual cameras in the front with one 130°wide-angle lens, the BL12000 performs perfectly at capturing wefie photos wider enough for 10 persons’ group; something that cannot be done with other existing phones.
  • Meanwhile, two cameras (16MP+13MP) on the rear with FaceBeauty, Blur, Mono and Panorama options produce more professional images for both portrait and scene modes.

New Security: 3D Facial Recognition on 18:9 Display

Referring to the screen, the 18:9 aspect ratio in 6.0-inch Full HD+ display should be a comfortable design while the feature of 3D facial recognition unlocking adds one more safe way to access the BL12000. It sees each face as unique, and the user just needs to glimpse at the screen for 1 second when unlocking.

Click the link to visit the elegant appearance of the BL12000 on YouTube:

Multitasking: Octa-core Processor

The running speed of the BL12000 is also astonishing. The BL12000 is powered by octa-core CPU which guarantees intense game operating and running multiple tasks, so it seems that the running speed of BL12000 will not be a concern.

The battery myth of the BL12000 has finally become a reality!

For more details of DOOGEE BL12000, please refer to

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