Who Do Doctors Go To for Treatment When they Fall Ill?

Who Do Doctors Go To for Treatment When they Fall Ill?

By Abdulkabir Olatunji

Let us get one thing right first –I am not a doctor. Now, that we got that out of the way, I can continue with my article from my perspective as a layman and patient to some doctors. Remember, if there are no patients there would not be need for doctors.

I was very inquisitive as a child with many questions running through my mind, one of the ones I remember vividly is: what happens to the food we ate? Do we have eba in our head for example or rice in our hands? Of course, I later learnt digestion in primary school (I cannot remember the class but I am sure it would be about the same class where you learnt it too).

Another big question which was quite logical to me at the time is: who do doctors go to for treatment when they fall ill (or sick as we say in Naija English)? Up till today I have not gotten a clear answer. Sure, I know doctors see other doctors for treatment but what I am not sure of is if they do so willingly or grudgingly. You know like Doctor Hope is examining Doctor Faith and the latter is thinking in her mind –‘what does she even know sef? I was smarter than her in med school’. Is this what happens to some doctors or do they willingly revert to the role of the patient that follows the doctor’s advice (pun intended)?

Another way of looking at this is the economics of it; why should one doctor pay another for a service that in theory at least they can provide for themselves? I might think like this if I were a doctor and I would love to know what doctors think and what their experiences are on the subject.

I am also looking forward to your responses in the comments tab below and if there are doctors or healthcare workers that want to give us opinion articles on this website, kindly send them to info@opinions.ng so that I can go back to being the good patient I am –well at least most of the time.


Abdulkabir Olatunji is the Head of Strategy at Jarus & JAN Internet Group and an Associate Member of the Nigerian Institute of Management (AMNIM). His interests include writing, blogging, all-things-tech and analysis of current affairs and sports. You can follow him on LinkedIn and on Twitter @maclatunji



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  1. Lateef at 9:45 PM

    There is nothing like ego when a sick doctor is being treated by a colleague. When a doctor is sick, he becomes like any other patient though with a difference, he has some knowledge of what might be wrong with him

  2. Javascript at 2:40 PM

    Well, I’m an Optometrist (i.e Eye Doctor) by profession. From experience I’d say most of the time, we self-medicate…..and if need be seek the counsel of a senior colleague. But, we do not/never encourage self medication to patients, because there are many sides to treatment patients are not aware of.

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