How Corporate Organisations Can Leverage eCommerce To Save Cost

How Corporate Organisations Can Leverage eCommerce To Save Cost

Since the debut of eCommerce in Nigeria - thanks to Jumia - it has left an indelible mark on the country’s economic space. From making online purchases seamless to helping corporate organizations save cost, the contributions of eCommerce can be over-emphasized.

Apparently, not many corporate organizations are aware that they can ride on or leverage eCommerce to save cost. This is probably because there are so many other costs that these companies have to cover. Unknown to them, they can still cover the cost of gifting, either traditional or modern, offering employee incentives and rewards without breaking the bank. Jumia, the online store you can trust, highlight ways to you do this. So if your organization is looking for a total end-to-end procurement solution, sales & distribution of promotional gift items and special vouchers for your employees & clients, just read on!

Exclusive offers

Whether an organization is gifting traditional or modern items, you are guaranteed of getting exclusive and best offers from Jumia. From rice & oil to hampers and promotional/gift items and furniture among others, you will the best price.

Access to express delivery options

One of the advantages of eCommerce to corporate companies is that it helps take the stress of delivery away. Whatever items an organization orders at the corporate level, they are immediately delivered by Jumia. So, no matter where you want to deliver across Nigeria, Jumia will handle it.

Effective “Return” policy

Unlike the purchases made on other eCommerce stores, Jumia has an effective return policy for its corporate customers that they do not need to worry when any product is defective - which is rarely the case, or they change their mind about buying a certain product.

The highest level of support/dedicated account manager

Since corporate customers are special and nobody wants to lose them, Jumia gives them the highest level of support and as an added advantage, they have a dedicated account manager to handle any inquiries and complaints. You are just a call away in any case you need help.

Access to over 2,000,000 products

As a one-stop eCommerce platform, Jumia offers over 2,000,000 products to their corporate customers. So, no matter the items any organisation desire, they are assured getting it on Jumia. There is no need to shop around.

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