A Concerned Parent’s Guide – How to Spy on Your Babysitter?

A Concerned Parent’s Guide - How to Spy on Your Babysitter?

By Rachel Stinson

Few things are more worrying than keeping your children in the care of someone else. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee when you leave your children with a babysitter, that’s why the prevalence of nanny cams and other covert surveillance tactics have been inevitable needs for the concerned parents.

If you want to stay relaxed and enjoy your day or focus on the big meeting without worrying about what is happening at home, here a concerned parent’s guide - how to spy on your babysitter?

  1. Nanny Cams - One of the best ways to spy on your babysitter is by using ‘’nanny cams’’. These small hidden cameras for sale can be placed in your home, for example, it can be placed on the lamp, TV, digital clock or even in a doll, where you can watch your babysitter. Some of these systems have live feeds that you can access from any location. To be effective, they must be placed in almost all the rooms available such as the living room, dining room, kitchen or baby’s bedroom to get a bigger picture.

For many concerned parents, the best thing you can do is to play back what happened during your absence. In fact, many security systems include cameras with live feeds you can watch from any location you are, provided you have an internet connection. This allows you to check on your children during a break at the meeting, even without calling home.

  1. GPS Tracking Devices - GPS tracking devices can be purchased or rented to see if your babysitter will go to the playground or have lunch with your child where he or she says it is. The GPS can be put in a diaper bag or even somewhere in your child’s clothes to ensure safety.
  2. Man Power – You don’t need technology to check on how well your children are being cared for. Many responsible parents use the human resources available to them by either depending on neighbors to watch them regularly or leave them occasionally. If you can pop in during the random lunch break or between meetings, then you not only see how well your children are doing, but you will get a real picture of how your nanny behaves when she expects you to be away.
  3. Audio Recorders - Although it is not as revealing as the hidden nanny cam, an audio recorder can still offer some insight into how your babysitter and children communicate. Harsh language and yelling are never good, and this is an excellent way to find out if your babysitter has a mean streak. Audio recorders are also small and easy to hide, just make sure you have enough battery life and memory to record the whole time needed. It’s an easy way to find out if it’s time to look for a new sitter who has more patience.

Conclusion -  There is no better way to ensure your children are with the best babysitter possible than to conduct a thorough screening, invest time in building a relationship with your child’s caretaker, and foster a secure communication model with your kids.


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