How Chatbot Technology Can Grow Your Business

How Chatbot Technology Can Grow Your Business

Chatbot Technology is slowly creeping into all sectors, marketplaces, and corporate organizations. Not only are the chatbots communicating better with customers than human staff, they actually show measurable success in converting traffic, increasing sales, and boosting customer engagement, while also lowering operational costs.

A recent study found 80% of businesses planned to integrate chat bot programming in their business model by 2020. According to a chatbot developer, these industries are benefiting most from chatbot AI programming.


Hotels cater to a clientele that is always “on the go.” In the hotels utilizing artificial intelligence chatbot, the power everything from check-in to a wide array of concierge services. They make reservations, organize conference logistics and relay amenity requests.

This has given rise to the ‘virtual concierge’ that handles basic amenities requests freeing up almost 50% of the time of human concierge to provide more personalized service to other guests.


The transactional nature of banking operations makes it a perfect fit for the chatbot application. Bank of America recently launched Erica, a virtual chatbot that assists online customers with supplying bank balances, money transfers, and locating the nearest ATM. Even Western Union has embraced chatbot technology to handle online customer tasks such as “send money,” “track transfer,” and “transfer again.”

News and Media

In the study published by the Pew Research Center, 67% of adults in the US get some of the news on social media. This has made news and media agencies realize the necessity of integrating virtual chatbot for social messaging platforms. CNN is one such organization that has developed chatbots for Kik, Line and Facebook Messenger.

The future of chatbot development in the news industry is bright because it provides only relevant information to the reader. This data is collected through past search behavior of users.


The artificial intelligence chatbot is leading the way in transforming the healthcare industry. With chatbot AI programming (, the need to see a doctor for small issues can be resolved saving professionals precious time. If virtual chatbots operate to like a general practitioner, unnecessary office visits can be reduced by 60 percent. Chatbot conversation can increase the accuracy of their disease recognition. People will spend less time and money to see a medical professional.


Chatbot Programming can help e-commerce brands increase their presence. Chatbot application can analyze visitors’ past purchase behavior and streamline customer service. The results in hyper-personalized shopping experience guided by ‘virtual chatbot’ to minimize dead-end searches by customers. In fact, chatbot technology has increased the open rate to messages by 67%. This throws the average email marketing campaign open rates out of the water.

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