See the Town where you can Buy a Basket of Tomatoes for N50 Only

See the Town where you can Buy a Basket of Tomatoes for N50 Only

A Twitter user, @Funky_AshKoKo has taken to Twitter to complain about the challenges people in her local government face. Producing lots of food but having to sell at very low prices. This is information some enterprising entrepreneurs particularly youths can take advantage of.

She initially tweeted:

“This is a town in my LGA called ‘Lessel’. Today is their market day and guess what? A basket of tomatoes goes for N150. Come evening time, it will go for as low as N50, and some may not even sell at all. I felt so sad cause some of these women might lose and not gain anything.”

She gives further details:

“The market is called Lessel market. It is situated in Ushongo LGA of Benue state. The market holds every 5 days so that means the next one will be on thursday. Getting to Lessel isn’t an issue as a vehicle can be boarded from the state’s capital Makurdi.

“There are various parks in Makurdi and you can board by just asking which vehicle is headed there. When you do, ask them to drop you off at the market. It is an hour plus drive from Makurdi to Lessel. On getting there, you should ask to speak to whoever is in charge in the market.

“This is important so that they can let you buy in bulk and also load your truck or any available car. I do not stay there or have any contact there but you can get one once you are familiar with the traders.

“I am not into the business but I felt compelled to share what I saw and have known about for a while. If and when I do intend to go into it, I will let you all know but for now, you can contact my friend @rachpee85 as she is willing to help as well.

“My concern is the women and also curbing food wastage. They work so hard and farm all by themselves, only to sell short or nothing at all. They need to feed their families and if only we could buy in bulk, they will live decent lives which I believe we all deserve.

“I also believe this will help make tomato accessible to those in other cities. It is unfair that some of you have to buy it at such outrageous prices when they are wasting away here. The problem is the roads are bad, tomato is perishable and preservation methods are needed.

“I do hope this has answered some of your questions and I am sorry if I cannot answer all of you individually. The response has been really overwhelming and I pray we help all farmers in some way. Thank you and God bless you.”

So, there you have it folks, a cool business opportunity awaits you.

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