On Buhari,  Protesters and the Promoters of Corruption

On Buhari,  Protesters and the Promoters of Corruption

It is their right to protest, it is your right to be wise and sensible! I listened to the reasons outlined by the convener of the protest and it was not difficult to see that he is just the face of the protest. The spirit and soul of the whole plan are somewhere strategizing and dishing out the needed resources to achieve their ignoble objectives.

The real engineers of the protest invaded the social media space since the inception of the present administration with all kinds of mischievous news about the government and unfounded rumours about the President. They wished him dead even before the election when they published his obituary, yet the man did not die. Now they are even more desperate to get rid of him and his government that has not only muzzled them from devouring whatever is left of the wealth of the nation but also threatening to get them to vomit what they had illegally stolen from the national treasury

They want people to see the present hardship as coming purely from Buhari’s policies. There is just one objective for doing that: to cover up the atrocity they committed against this nation.

Like many people have rightly observed, it is unfortunate that many Nigerians celebrate those who plundered their economy and impoverished generations yet unborn. They gullibly fall for the ploys of these set of vipers called leaders to realise their devilish goals.

Let me say at this juncture that I am not a member of any political party and I do not know Buhari before other than being an aduItwhen he first ruled Nigeria. I have never been his fan. But I would rather endure the genuine mistakes of a Buhari government (on economic management) than tolerate the heartless and deliberate robbery of those who seek  power for no other reason but ‘to steal and to destroy’. I would rather pardon the genuine mistake of a Buhari than yield myself to be used by those who are desperately looking for ways to evade accountability.

To drive this point home, let me quote from a recent FBN Quest report on our External Reserve. ‘’Official reserve rose by just US$5bn to US$40bn between January 2012and August 2014( In almost 3yrs period!), in which the average monthly price of Bonny Light Crude never fell below US$100/barrel (actually) averaged US$112/barrel. If the authorities had accumulated a sizeable external buffer in the period of high oil price, like Algeria (did) for example, the economy would not have been so brutally exposed to the oil price slide . We can point to a possible change in this story for the better. Gross official reserves increased by US$800m in November (2016), US$1.0bn in December (2016) and US$1.5bn month-to-date in January (2017)’’.  In 2016, oil prices fell to as low as $28/barrel, it has just recently risen to $48-$55 in January 2017.

Despite the very low price of oil ( the main source of our foreign earning) Buhari government increased reserves by $3.3b in less than 3 months compared to $5 in 3yrs  by the last  administration! They failed to save, yet they did not do the job: Bokoharam was waxing stronger under their watch; all infrastructures were collapsing fast, What did we have instead of saving or infrastructure? Our so called leaders were busy looting the booming oil revenue into their private purses with abandoned recklessness and impunity!

They dished out looted money to girlfriends, relations and thugs. Some Nigerian musicians may never again see the type of stupendous (looted) money lavished on them by these heartless politicians or their highly privileged children those days they held sway as men in power.

Those who want to deceive to cover their evil deed will not tell us that revenue available to this government, as a result of the sharp drop in the price of oil and the oil pipe vandalism that the same people secretly induced, is just about 30% of what was available to the last administration.

The truth is: inflation is bound to happen where revenue is dropping and saving is non-existent, regardless of who is in power! Any comparison of the two regimes needs to be fair and take cognizance of the clear differences in the type of economies the two regimes had to manage. Whereas the last administration mismanaged a prosperous economy, Buhari has the unfortunate task of having to manage a wickedly wrecked economy.

Managing a wrecked economy is no magic. It takes time! That is what all of us must appreciate and not be deceived by people trying deliberately to baptize Buhari with the title of failure. Times are hard, no doubt. But the blame is fundamentally that of those who got us to where we today find ourselves by mismanaging our national prosperity.

Yes, we are hungry today, but the blame for that cannot all be heaped on Buhari government. Rather, it is more because the superstars in the last administration emptied our treasury yesterday. While I do not want to hold brief for the Buhari government that there is no more looting today, I want to believe that even his worst enemy will agree that  today we can see a stop to ‘looting with impunity’. Those who want us to see the problem we face today as coming from the present government and therefore cajole us to come out to protest only have one agenda: to cover up their real sponsors’ egregious heartless robbery against the state.

They are busy regrouping daily to see how they can discredit the government in  power so as to be free from the judgment that is coming upon them.  They want you and I to march out to bring the government of Buhari down. If we protest and bring Buhari government down, to whom would we entrust the governance of this nation at such a time as this and feel assured that we would soon be at the El dorado? Would anyone rather have those celebrating having $157m stashed up in Nigeria banks to lead us again? Is it those individuals boasting of having $15m in a single account in Nigeria or those who diverted over N400 billion of the money meant to prosecute war against  Bokoharam to contest  a single governorship  election that should come back to rule us?  Let them castigate the present government more than this, their days of reckoning will surely come.

The only pity is the way they sell falsehood to Nigerians and how people just help them to spread such propaganda. I wish all those who got and forwarded such propaganda will also be swift to spread messages like this. Again, I am not a politician, but I know enough about Economics that when the treasury of a state is empty, coupled with global recession, there is bound to be a  period of hardship, no matter who is in government!.

World economy is usually a cycle: Time of plenty, and lean time - as it was in the world of old when there was a Joseph in Egypt to show the world the benefit of saving.

The problem Nigeria unfortunately had was the lack of the Joseph’s wisdom of saving in the last administration. The greed mentality totally overtook them that they squandered and plundered all the gains of our own time of plenty when oil was over $100 per barrel - each one of them competing to celebrate his or her billions!

Now, in lean time and with empty treasury, the present government, with very narrow choices, has to do a major reconstruction to get us out of the woods. Under such condition of carrying out major restructuring, there could be mistakes, and certainly there will be some degree of hardship in the land. That should not be over-exaggerated to begin to call for the head of the President!

Yes, they have the right to use those willing hands or those who benefited heavily from their loots to stage a protest. It is their right, but it is also your right to be wise and sensible.

God bless Nigeria.



The writer is unknown but we have posted it as a well-written and insightful piece already in the public domain. 

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  1. Mustapha Adedeji at 8:28 AM

    What writers of this ilk, who support the President in a dogmatic manner, fail to understand or are not willing to acknowledge, is that APC and PDP are the same.

    The two parties, just like any other Nigerian political party, only desire power for one overarching motive: To enrich their pockets and those of their stalwarts.

    A typical politician in this country wants to be in a position of power not to render any service to humanity but to fulfill their vain desire, hunger for power.

    A vivid example is our President who, even after three unsuccessful attempts at the polls, won the presidential election the fourth time and still did not prepare to proffer solutions to the myriads of problems bedevilling our dear nation.

    Buhari was just power-hungry, did everything he could to be the numero uno in the country but has no well-defined ideas on how to change the living conditions of Nigerians for the better.

    This was clear for all us to see when he failed to form his cabinet within the first six months of this administration.

    So should we really be surprised that the government lacks direction or that the APC has not yet fulfilled most of its empty promises? When there is no adequate preparation and planning, failure is inevitable.

    No rational Nigerian expects magic from the government; no one anticipates the country rapidly becomes a developed one within a period of two years.

    However, sensible Nigerians only berate the President’s action or inaction at fulfilling his campaign promises.

    A detailed analysis of the budget of this administration for last year and that of this year, show Buhari, inter alios are only deceiving Nigerians about fighting corruption, taking this economy out of recession, etc.

    Look at the humongous amount budgeted this year just to renovate the VP’s villa - a sum exceeding N400 million! And other outrageous components of the Budget.

    Do these facts show we are really in recession or that Buhari is a serious leader? The answer is a resounding NO.

    But Buhari, Jonathan and their cohorts are not the real problem of this nation; the major challenge is people, like this writer, who celebrate mediocrity, who are willing to support a leader once he is from their tribe or religion.

    The real bane of this country’s development is the docile Nigerian citizens who accept any selfish ideas from our leaders, wait on God to make things better for them, discourage people going out to protest because their messiah, Buhari, can do no wrong.

    • Abdulkabir at 10:41 PM

      So, what revolutionary change has this protest created? With people like you delivering verbal gymnastics, Nigeria is in deep rot with corruption on the verge of killing it.

      Let us assume without accepting that the budget for Aso Rock is unduly high, it is the job of the National Assembly to cut it to the ‘correct size’. This is totally different from already approved funds being stolen without a trace of the projects they were meant for being implemented.

      It is not identifying imperfections in the system for the sake of it that will develop this country but taking decisive action in critical areas that will reverse the rot.

      On a final note, officials from the State House this week defended their budget at the National Assembly and where given a clean bill of health, whether this is ideal or not is another matter, I just raised it to show you how ineffectual people like you are with your approach in Nigeria’s polity.

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