Why Buhari is Likely to Win in 2019

Why Buhari is Likely to Win in 2019

By Yakubu Jimoh

This piece is a personal opinion of mine, and my intention is not to praise or criticise one party or another.

Recently, South East leaders visited President Muhammadu Buhari, endorsing him for a second term and promised to deliver the 5 states in their zone to him. APC is currently ruling one of the 5 states in the East. It is clearly known to many people that Anambra and Ebonyi Governor despite being in opposition parties have openly endorsed the President for a 2nd Term. APC will clearly and easily win Anambra, Imo and Ebonyi State by 2019. APC has already shown its strength in the gubernatorial election done there last year, claiming 2nd position in the election. APC is clearly promising them the presidential slot by 2023. Remember, if PDP or any other political party emerges today, the party will surely go for 8 Years. It is clearly known that any party that might want to stand against APC come 2019 will field a candidate from the North. Igbo will not a mistake by not supporting Buhari so as to give them the presidency they have longing for since 1999.

Another clear reason is that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and Chief Bisi Akande still support and clearly show they are still in the APC. Some people are claiming Chief Bola Tinubu might go to bring up Alliance for Democracy (AD). Baba Tinubu can’t be so foolish to weaken the party he has been supporting and bringing up since 1999, Jagaban will surely deliver 80% of South West since the Vice President is still coming from their side.

The vote from the Northern bloc will surely give Buhari an upper hand in the upcoming election, The Northerners have one culture and thing they do, which other tribes don’t take serious in Nigeria; when election is a week ahead most of Hausa-Fulanis will go back to the states where they have the voters cards to vote. Tell me, how many Igbo or Yoruba can leave his abode to go his homeland to vote because of election, many don’t. The Northerners will leave their business and farms to decide who will lead this nation for another 4 years, they have been doing it since 1999 and they will still be doing it.

APC should have up to 30% in the Niger Delta region due to Governor Obaseki and other prominent people from the region.

President Buhari has really tried in the agricultural sector and improved it and is working to diversify the nation’s economy and wean it off its reliance on petroleum. He has clearly shown he is a democrat and has integrity in terms of elections. Since he has been sworn in, various elections have been conducted where he didn’t do like other presidents who will impose their party in the election by rigging. I believe it will be difficult for any party to dethrone this present ruling party, the APC.

Don’t be deceived by those social media politicians whereby 80% of those voting on social media don’t have voters card, or won’t go out on election day. Meanwhile, those in the North will go out to defend their votes. Our market women, farmers, are not on social media, according to a recent survey. Majority of the voters are not on social media, so don’t be deceived by that.



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