How to Browse for Free in Nigeria and it is all Legit

How to Browse for Free in Nigeria and it is all Legit

By Abdulkabir Olatunji

Many people would be very happy to avoid the cost of internet subscription in Nigeria if they can. You cannot blame us, it is human nature.

The Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and telecom companies often claim to have “free” offers that are usually not so –they are usually tied to you parting with your money first.

However, there is an Internet giant that is ready to give you free Internet in Nigeria and the first step is very simple, you just have to walk into the shop or business location of one of its agents. In fact, with this tutorial you might not even need to do that first.

The Internet giant I am referring to is Facebook. The company is looking at ways to ultimately make Internet access free globally but it is starting this effort in lower income countries like Nigeria and India.

Express-WiFi-by-Facebook How to Browse for Free in Nigeria and it is all Legit

Its current  service available in this regard is Express WiFi. All you need to do to get free Internet is this:

  1. Locate a business that has the Express WiFi by Facebook poster or banner.
  2. Walk-in and inquire about the service: They will be happy to tell you what you need to get started. Essentially, you need a WiFi enabled device, Google chrome browser on the device and a phone number to register on the platform.
  3. Once, these 3 are available , the agent can register you and you get 100MB to browse free for 4 days. That’S 100MB every day for 4 days.


You can just check your WiFi available connections on your phone and if you find Express WiFi by Facebook available, connect to it. It does not require a password but might take some time depending on the strength of the signal. Once you are connected, go to Google chrome and try to browse Facebook. You will be taken to the registration page via Coolink (this is the company that operates the equipment for this WiFi service for Facebook). Once you have registered with your phone number and typed in your Express WiFi PIN sent to your phone number you used to register, you are good to go.  You will get your initial 100MB to browse for the first day and continue to do so for 4 days.

The Third Option

You can register here and simply connect to the WiFi service wherever you find it.

Now, Facebook expects you to buy its rather cheap data bundles on expiration of the 4 days but is ready to give you 100MB free for every person you refer with the link they will share with you once they buy a data bundle after registering on the platform.

So imagine a student on a campus that manages to add new people to the service every week, you may not need to buy data again for a very long time. Even more exciting is that Facebook keeps giving fantastic limited time offers like buying their 1.2 GB 30-day pack for N270. This is difficult to match anywhere in Nigeria.

Paid Data Packs on Express WiFi

Daily Plan (24 hours)

100MB for N40
300MB for N100

Weekly Plan (7 Days)
750MB for N270

Monthly Plan (30 Days)

3.5GB for N800
6GB for N1,200
10GB for N1,900

I am sure you will be wondering: what if the WiFi signal goes off with NEPA cutting electricity (although NEPA no longer exists but you get my drift)?

Every agent has an inverter to power the WiFi transmitter and the range is meant to reach up to 100 meters. I have seen some agents not having their transmitters well-positioned for maximum reach but if you can see the signal on your device, your browsing should be pretty fast and available for 24 hours  most of the time.

It works on any device that has a wireless connection and you can access the Internet anywhere in Nigeria where there is an Express WiFi by Facebook hotspot.

I am giving you 100MB free data! Sign up for Express Wi-Fi and get fast internet access at a Wi-Fi zone near you:


  • Express-WiFi-by-Facebook How to Browse for Free in Nigeria and it is all Legit
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