Big Brother Naija: An Example of the Moral Decadence in Our Society

Big Brother Naija: An Example of the Moral Decadence in Our Society

By Yakubu John Jimoh

This article is to challenge and reflect on how immolarity which should be a thing of shame has gained much ground in our society.

Recently, there has been a lot of clamour by Nigerian youths on the need for us to take political power through democratic means and become leaders of this country.

However, the youths that want to become leaders promote and fancy immorality, spend much of their time to promote it. Nigerian youths have seriously lost their way, we can use social media to bring about positive change for ourselves and the society. However, we use these platforms to promote non-productive TV programs like Big Brother Naija (BBN) which is fast-becoming a bad word ographic show. The same youths who don’t want the old style of leadership to be recycled that want to end cabalism and Godfatherism spend endless hours debating BBN -it is a thing of shame to our country.

In Islam and Christianity, immolarity is highly condemned , it is a thing of shame how it is being placed highly in our present society where a whooping N25 million and a brand new SUV is awarded to the most sexy and spoilt person. The sponsors should back down on this, they are promoting nudity and other forms of immorality.

Unashamed youths too will start displaying their body which should be their private part and property of their husband/wife. This thing is killing the minds of young generation that’s coming up. Almost everyone now has access to the Internet, in many homes children and teenagers are watching it, and it is weakening their emotions and making them to do dirty things. Children that should be taught the way of the lord and many other useful thing.

Last July, something strange happened that I saw, a boy used to watch Big Brother Naija very well. This boy in order to satisfy his sexual urge, had to go peep on ladies whenever they are bathing. The boy has been doing it with others boys for months.  This thing is promoting filthiness of the mind by corrupting it spiritually and mentally, These kind of boys can go extra mile to fufill the sexual urge.

I warn that this will not help the young minds and the youth should use his precious time to study better things. TV programs should be used to create solutions to our society not problems.

I will continue to write to stop this immolarities called entertainment in our society. If you have the same urge and zeal with me to bring a change and end to this, you can do the following:

1. Help by sharing it to many social media outlets and groups.

2. Publish story like this on your blogs.

3. You write to stop this as I am doing now.

4. Use these hashtags to create awareness #StopImmorality #StopBigBrotherNaija #EndBigBrotherNaija

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