Why You Should Believe in Yourself and Take Action to Achieve Your Dreams

Why You Should Believe in Yourself and Take Action to Achieve Your Dreams

By AbdulGaniy Shehu

When a friend advised me to organise a WhatsApp training to teach Nigerians about starting a freelance writing career, little did I know that he was setting me up for something big.

Initially, I thought to myself:

- Who am I to teach people about freelance writing?

- What experience do I have?

- Won’t I be taken as an impostor?

- Are there people out there who are interested in this opportunity?

But despite all these, I listened to him, sat down to prepare the training manuscript within two days, and informed people about it.

And guess what?

Within a week, I organized my first ever training online.

But that’s not the real gist…

Now listen to this:

After creating the WhatsApp group, I doubted if people will join.

Although it’s a free WhatsApp training, but if the interest isn’t there no one will join eventually.


Seconds, minutes, and hours after, participants started trickling in.

Before I knew it, the group was filled up and more people requested to join.

Then the dilemma…

I began to ponder, what would happen if this training failed to meet up to expectation.

Of course, my reputation was at stake here.

Do you know why?

I’d promised that anyone who participated will learn strategies to earn 100K Monthly As A Freelance Writer In Nigeria (Even with zero experience).

Call it promising what seems to be impossible, yet I was so sure of myself.

Then the training kick started, and I ensured that I shared tons of actionable tips, and valuable information that can propel anyone to make a living from freelance writing.

And you know what?

I delivered…

In fact, as soon as the training ended, participants wrote glowing testimonials to show how much impact the training had on them.

Now, the bigger picture…

Truth is, it’s one thing to teach, it’s something else entirely to have a lasting impact in people’s lives.

This was my fear immediately after the training, but within weeks I became more reinvigorated.

Guess what happened?

At first, it was a newbie freelance writer, who informed me that he got two (2) foreign clients from the strategies I taught in the training within two (2) weeks.

Afterwards another participant (screenshots attached), confessed to me that the training opened up his eyes to the opportunities in freelance writing, and he amazingly got five (5) clients within a week.

I’m not kidding you.

Why am I sharing this?

Many a times, we know a lot of things that can change the world, and impact lives but afraid to take actions.

In most cases, we feel overwhelmed, nurture fears, and scared of the aftermath.

At times, we even feel that it’s not a big deal, that no one is interested in it, and ready to learn about it.

In fact, we might think that everyone know about it, and there’s no need teaching it again.

The truth is, it’s these little things that matter.

It’s these little things that make impacts in the lives of many, and leave inedible marks.

Think about it?

If Mark Zuckeberg never started Facebook, what would have happened to this awesome community that connects family and friends, and now a hub for businesses and brands to grow.

Oh! You thought he never had fears, or felt it might not be necessary in the first place.

Now listen up please:

If you’re reading this, stop now and start taking actions immediately.

Don’t wait till tomorrow, do it now

Ditch that perfectionist attitude, do it anyhow.

You’ve always wanted to write an eBook, create an ecourse, or organise a training, don’t wait for the perfect time.

Make this time a perfect one.


What you have in you can change the world, if only you share it with the world.

Action takers rule the world, be one today.

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