BBC Presenter, Mishal Husain Denies Sexual Harassment Claims

BBC Presenter, Mishal Husain Denies Sexual Harassment Claims

Popular BBC presenter and reporter, Mishal Husain has taken to Twitter to refute claims she and other top female staff have knowledge of women working for the BBC that have complained about sexual harassment and that they encouraged the ladies to report to management of the corporation.

This was reported by The Sunday Times. Several women have been coming out to make a series of allegations against men in positions of authority since top Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein was embroiled in a multitude of sexual molestation claims by different women.

See Husain’s tweet refuting the claims:

The allegations come as Anne Bulford, the Deputy Director-General of the BBC wrote to all staff, stating: “There’s been a lot of press coverage and comment recently about bullying and harassment in the entertainment industry, and more broadly. Tony Hall [the director-general] and I have written to you a number of times on this.

“We have a duty of care to protect you – one we take extremely seriously. I just want to remind you what to do if you want to raise any concerns. Please be assured that we will continue to handle any issues raised sensitively.”

At least one BBC male presenter has been suspended in the past week over allegations that he groped female colleagues. The BBC is still trying to recover from the dent on its image after 2 of its biggest stars across the decades, Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall were found to have molested close to 100 people.

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