Banky W and Adesua: How not to Start Marriage

Banky W and Adesua: How not to Start Marriage

By Abdulkabir Olatunji

The public excitement following what undoubtedly is Nigeria’s wedding of the year is understandable. The couple, Bankole Wellington and his on-screen turn real life heartthrob Adesua Etomi had captured the imagination of Nigerians in their mega blockbuster, The Wedding Party.

Nigerians simply transferred their on-screen love for the couple into real life. It was as if Banky W had never been a successful musician and Adesua seemed like an unknown actress before the wedding. Of course, this is not true but such was the hysteria that one could be forgiven for thinking so.

Perhaps, this accounts for the change in Banky who had previously expressed his preference for having a low-key wedding to having a jamboree spanning 2 countries. Indeed, the only quiet part of the 3-part wedding was when the couple went to the registry.

You might ask: what is new about this? Many Nigerian ‘celebrities’ now expect to have this kind of wedding, from TuBaba and Annie Idibia to Oritsefemi and Nabila Fash. This is true but what strikes this writer in the light of the current scandal Banky W and his newly-wedded wife find themselves in is the fact that it seems totally avoidable considering the fact that the couple were not known prior to now to be the typical Nigerian entertainer that would pull any stunt no matter how shameful to gain social media following and attention.

It seems to be a case of being caught-up in all the hype and doing things you would not have normally done.

Couldn’t Banky being the husband guide his wife from avoiding the media instead of seeking attention with an ill-advised video shot in what is neant to be their private quarter? He certainly could but it seems that our good sense of judgement is lost the more we are immersed in the 24/7 social media limelight. It can be addictive and even relatively mature people can begin to do silly things to remain in the limelight.

I am not attempting to run this couple down but like I told a friend on social media who was wishing for a Banky W and Adesua type of wedding, “be careful what you wish for”. Apparently, “not all that glitters is gold”, many of the people hyping and hailing the big wedding are probably seeking to see your marriage fail. I know Banky W is learning this the hard way. The lesson for married and aspiring couples is to keep private issues secret. Your bedroom is not for public viewing, even your living room or kitchen need not be exposed, it is your home not a public place, the same applies for an hotel room or any other location that you have to stay in as a couple or family for whatever reason. The success of your marriage is not dependent on how many pictures or videos you share but it could be the source of its failure.

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