How to Avoid Pulled Muscle While Exercising

How to Avoid Pulled Muscle While Exercising

Know how to play the sport 

Proper form prevents injuries, especially injuries caused by overuse. For example, tennis players can learn how to position themselves to lessen pressure put on the arm, which helps alleviate tennis elbow.

Stretch and warmup

You need to warm up and stretch before doing strenuous exercise if you want to prevent muscle strain. Jumping into an activity without preparing your body can disrupt your system and result in pulled strain.

Select the right conditions

Being selective about where and when you exercise affects the likelihood of a muscle strain. If possible, try to avoid running on uneven surfaces. The weather is also a factor; if it’s rainy or the ground is slippery, you’re more likely to slip and injure yourself.

Know your limits

Make sure you’re in proper condition for your chosen activity. If you haven’t been running in years, don’t think you can complete a marathon. You need to gradually increase your activity and condition your muscles with regular exercise.

Employ the right equipment

You should select equipment that fits well and is appropriate for the whatever activity you are engaged in. You need to also invest in a quality pair of shoes that has enough support to stop you from falling.

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