Why You Should Ask ‘Stupid’ Questions 

Why You Should Ask ‘Stupid’ Questions 

By Ogunmefu Benjermin 

Stupidity according to Merriam Webster dictionary is ‘the state of being foolish or unintelligent. The condition of being not sensible nor logical. Personifying a non-sensibile nor logical idea nor action.’

It is indeed an unarguable fact that it is shameful to be taged ‘stupid’. Believe me when I say to you, a stupid mistake is worse than a stupid question as the act of asking is a sign of wanting to learn.

Most times when faced with the need to ask questions, we often do not ask, we fear to be seen as stupid, but what we fail to consider is the fact that an old adage states: ‘he who asks questions remain a fool for five minutes, but he who refuses to ask remains a fool forever.’

Mind them not when they hiss after hearing your questions, as long as they provide you with answers, you are far better than those who kept quiet.

Comfort (a friend) said to me:

“Ben, if you find yourself in certain gathering, if you have no reasonable question to ask, please ask a stupid question, all that matters is that you get noticed, you create a picture in the mind of everyone that you are there, then the next time you meet, at least you get to create a network based on the past encounter, it might probably mean you need to work hard to communicate value the next time.

Trust me, remembering you won’t be a problem.”

The truth of the matter is that a stupid mistake is grievious than a stupid question as no question is really stupid in the real sense of the word. Ask questions, inquisitiveness is a strong foundation for knowledge acquisition.

Also, the art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.

There really is no stupid question as stupid people do not ask questions.



Ogunmefu Benjermin is a graduate of university of Lagos (Bsc) Economics. An investment and research analyst at Cao partners, strongly driven towards human development and possesses profound love for entrepreneurship.



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