Why Arsenal will not Sack Arsene Wenger

Why Arsenal will not Sack Arsene Wenger

By Kurtis Adigba

Football, is first and foremost, a business, no longer an entertainment stuff. Investors in football, like business people in other sectors, are driven primarily by profits, not necessarily pride. Profit is first, pride is second.

We have 3 or more classes of owners of football clubs:

1. The profit driven owners;
2. The profit and passion driven owners; and,
3. The passion driven owners.

The passion driven owners are daily thinning out because as we all know, football is a capital intensive venture. The high costs of buying players and their astronomical wages, makes it difficult to own and run a football team in the premiership, as a thing of passion.
The fans, are primarily concerned about pride, passion, and bragging rights, but the owners, are driven by profits and the bottom line. One could argue that profits will be enhanced by pride and trophies but profitability, does not depend sorely on pride and trophies.

Many Arsenal fans are calling for the sack of Wenger, and it is fair to say that they are entitled to their views. But the owners of the club, will not sack Wenger, or release him to go merely on fans dissatisfaction. They will be considering Wenger’s contributions to the profits and bottom lines of the company, his impact on the brand, his payout or severance package, available options, and the quality of his successor. They are very few managers available today that are better than Wenger. The wage demands of the new manager, and his buyout cost, if currently engaged, are major considerations for the owners and the Board.

If you are thinking that Arsene Wenger will be sacked because of your needs to be happy and brag about your team, have a re-think. It takes more than passion and pride, to run a team.

Wenger, is much more pained than anyone about what is happening. Last night, he was a total wreck emotionally. He is going through a rough patch no doubt, but he deserves to be respected and not booed. He has done so much for Arsenal!

Kurtis Adigba is the Principal Partner at Kurtis Adigba and Company.

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